Our words reveal our thoughts.
Listen to your words are they coming from positive emotions? This can have a tremendous impact on your outlook. The whole situation can change when you listen with your heart and say the words that make people feel that they were heard.

Our manners mirror our self esteem.
Saying thank you and feeling comfortable about this is really important. We are showing the other person that we care and we value their compliment. Listen to yourself. Do you say thank you and you’re welcome?

Our actions reflect our character.
We are programmed to react through habits and conditioning. When we live in the now ( the present) we can bring clarity to the situation and react spontaneously to the needs of the situation.

Our habits predict our future.
Identify your comfort zone. Are you happy with the results you are getting? If not you must break the habits of negativity and take responsibility for your habits.

Nourish your soul and take the time to look after your self.

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