Success is something you can swear  you can smell. It can be as illusive as a handful of sand. It dangles around you but not quite within your grasp.

Hello and welcome to my post. Today we will be exploring the feelings of moving towards your success. I truly hope the time you spend on this blog provides you with value. Your time is your most valuable asset so spend it wisely.

The signs of success are all there and the momentum grows however there is something holding it back. The energy flow is not quite right it means with resistance.

A resistance that comes from within you. You know it but somehow you are powerless to do anything about it. Your faith is strong but you are always looking for a sign to spark your total commitment to the project.

Slowly but surely things begin to line up and once again you can feel it. Your energy level is on high alert. The excitement and the euphoria of finally achieving your goal builds up steadily. It’s like training for a major race and having the finishing line in your sites.

Finally you can see the finishing line.

As you all know getting to the finishing line just doesn’t happen on its own, there will be many twists and turns before you actually cross it.

You steel yourself for the final assault, the signs are all very positive indeed and this makes it easier to comprehend. The resistance is fading and you feel your self more in tune with accepting success into your life.



Our deepest fear is discovering how powerful we really are to achieve our greatness. The feelings of self doubt, fear, procrastination and making excuses subside as a new inner peace takes hold.

The calmness of being responsible for your success sits well with you now. The quote above no longer bears any truth you are able to move towards the light. You know full well that you deserve the success that is destined to come your way.  It will not only be an achievement for you and your family but it will help others to find their light.

As your light shines brightly for all to wonder in amazement at, they may even choose to follow.

Our greatest leaders all started off just like you and me. Their greatness was achieved in many different ways however the beauty of it is that we are all capable of greatness.

In all cases you will find they used  necessary ingredients that helped them succeed.

The ingredients you need are :

  • faith in the universe to provide you with what you need to succeed.
  • faith in yourself to see the journey through to the end.
  • persistence to keep going when you feel like giving up
  • a mastermind team to share your vision and assist you to get there
  • an open mind to keep learning
  • specialized knowledge for the project you are completing
  • self confidence
  • creativity to solve the problems you encounter
  • encouragement from your team
  • a strong work ethic
  • a sharp focus on what you need to achieve
  • an acute ability to recognize the people and  opportunities you require to have success
  • the ability and flexibility to make changes when you get stuck in a rut.

It is nearly five years now that I began my online quest to build a new life. I had no idea about the internet apart from what I used in my previous job.

Network marketing and internet marketing were just fanciful ideas that did not require any real work. I saw the computer as a hobby, a play thing to spend a few hours of time at.

It is now all consuming and my life line to the rest of the world. As I reflect back on  my journey I really don’t know how I survived it let alone to be in a position to smell success?

It began with network marketing and using the internet to finding clients and this was a huge learning curve for me. I managed to get better at it and felt good about what I was doing. I met many interesting people and realized that we have choices in our lives to reach out as far as we want to.

This scared me a little. I didn’t know whether I was worthy to be in such elite company. I knew that I had many skills and could assist teach and mentor other people to move forward on their journeys. Yet the whole thing didn’t seem to fit comfortably with me. In network marketing I always felt I was selling stuff and trying to get people to join me. I approached everything with an agenda. It seemed that it was taking forever to get any real success. I always had a nagging question in the back of my mind. If it is taking me so long to succeed and I am working so hard how can I promote this as a  brilliant opportunity?

Looking back I can see where my mind was at and why certain things didn’t work out for me. You see I never really believed you could be successful just networking. It was not real hard to the grind stone work. Although I was working just as hard as before if not harder.

I was at home organizing my day around what I wanted to do. I had never had this luxury previously. My programming said that you need to go out an earn an honest days work. What do you have to show for your work?  You are spending so much time for very little reward.

Fortunately for me I met a mentor who was computer savvy and had a vision of using the internet to conquer network marketing. It was all about branding yourself  and dominating page one of Google. He taught me so much and the biggest jewel for me was my introduction to blogging. My mentor saw blogging as a way to really establish an online presence. I am sure he will achieve his goal of dominating the search engines and being a fantastic successful network marketing leader.

Blogging eventually became an all consuming quest for me, one that tugged at me to write valuable articles for people to learn from, not just articles to get leads. This was a defining moment in my relationship with my mentor and network marketing. Deep down I knew that I sucked at network marketing but I enjoyed writing and was getting better at it.

Talk about the universe stepping in, two English men stepped into my life. One was a blogger who’s work seemed to have the ability to be like a great story teller and I knew instantly that I wanted to learn to write like that. The other was a computer technician. Their names are Neil Haywood and Larry Lewis, together they form a formidable partnership and are responsible for the successful blogging eCommerce  site of  healthy life styles living.

Stay tuned for chapter two on success.


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