mastermind group

Mastermind group invitation

Mastermind group invitation

mastermind group

mastermind group

Mastermind group invitation is for anybody looking to improve the quality of their lives.

Picture this you read the classic by Napolean Hill ” think and grow rich” one chapter at a time.

There is no starting point or end point. The whole process is ongoing and is designed to help you master the 13 success principles no matter how long it takes.

You have the choice of reading or listening to the chapter. Most people do both.

You then reflect on the chapter. To help you do this you go to a website called the thirty day mental cleanse. There you will find the audio and text of the chapter being studied.

You do this from the comfort of your home via the internet.

You can read it as many times as you like.

The beauty of it is that some people will have written their reflections and posted them onto the forum.

Now you will be in the envious position of benefiting from all of their wisdom too.

Once you are ready you can post your reflection of the chapter onto the forum.

The mastermind group effect is heightened by a weekly call to brainstorm the chapter.

You may even have the privilege of reading your chapter to the mastermind group if it is selected.

We read all fifteen chapters of the book and then start again.

It is the repetition and the interaction that will help you master the thirteen success principles

Do you know anybody who wants to be involved in such a mastermind group?

Did you ask about the cost of belonging to this mastermind group?

Sorry I forgot to mention that the membership cost of interacting with this mastermind group is free.

Free because is priceless.

What price would you put on changing somebody’s life for the better?

mastermind power

Mastermind power

Mastermind power and it’s implications for your business!

mastermind power

mastermind power

Hello and welcome to our guest author’s post on the power of the mastermind. Marsha Sortino really drives home the point of the power and energy you get from a harmonious mastermind group.



The Ninth Step toward Riches

This chapter is one of my favorite chapters in Think and Grow Rich.

I had a very inspiring week this past week overall! So busy and full of energy.

I was so inspired this past week Thursday having met our MFF creators and mentors, Michael and Linda Dlouhy, Justin Borden and his lovely wife Jessica and their 2 beautiful children, Elizabeth and Justin, and meeting up with a friend Walter Lawrence, who I first met at a Tom Big Al Schreiter workshop and the masterminding that took place that when I got home that night, I was full of energy!  I absolutely could not sleep.

And also last week Tuesday at the Saint Vincent De Paul meeting, our group was completely inspired and the good energy was so incredible that we could all feel it!

We seemed to get an awesome amount of energy that filled the room as we masterminded how to get our projects off to a start even though we don’t officially have a home place for our projects.

The meeting flowed smoothly as we masterminded in sharing ideas in a spirit of harmony and making plans to get going.  Wow, we are finally getting our plans off to a start and made definite plans.

It was true volunteerism as the president didn’t have to ask who can or who will…do this or that?

Individuals just stepped up to the plate as soon as a need was spoken about.

We have a mobile foodbank that we are going ton use as parking is limited but we are so determined to find a way that the motions we made to do it had detailed plans for how we could do it.

We accomplished more in this day then the whole time we had been meeting the past several weeks   And it’s amazing to see how God opens the doors and is moving us along.

When you have a team who finds a way to do something and is determined to do it, you get things done!

We can come together as a mastermind group and brainstorm our ideas and plans, but when you get right down to it, that good energy needs to put in motion through taking action.

Otherwise, wow, you might as well say it was a waste of good energy.

What I see here at MFF is that we have an excellent mastermind group.  We aren’t just a support group like many might think.  No- we are truly a mastermind group here.

So what is the difference between just a good support group and great mastermind group?  The differences I see are striking.  I see that people are doing things, taking action and really changing, especially that mindset of impossible to anything is possible.  The money conscious mindset is also here in this MFF group. I ask myself, what are the people in the group doing after masterminding? Are they taking action on their own to make things happen and coordinating these actions with others so it can happen?  Am I taking action and doing the same?

And its obvious that so many are doing just that after we finish a call on the mastermind discussions. They aren’t just talking but they are walking the talk.

I admit that I was one of those people who worried constantly about where I will get the money to do things.  Now I don’t worry as much because I am putting my trust in God to help me through my difficult times.  I feel the difference here is that by doing and taking actions, I don’t have time to worry and that’s a much better way to deal with everything I do.  The poverty mindset is changing for me as I make plans to change it and allow the wealthy conscious mindset to take over.  It’s not easy but it’s a choice.  And in choosing this route, I know it means more will be asked of me.  And that’s also what I desire because money will allow me to do more and serve better.

Here at MFF, we’ve got a powerful mastermind group where the most brilliant leaders come together to empower us to take action.

I see people who get on the 30 day mental cleanse really do take action.

This chapter screams POWER and EMPOWERING others.

So in the very end, we get empowered and what do we do with this power, this pure raw energy we’ve been given as a gift to us all?

The master mind groups is transference of this energy and power!

They are giving us a gift to ispire us to use our skills, our talents, be taught and learn, to think & offer ideas, to create. To Just be amazing!

Use your talents and as the bible teaches us, “Love, Serve and Go forth and replenish the earth”.

Use your talents and as MFF teaches us, “Love, Serve, Use the Recipe, create relationships, get on the 30 day mental cleanse, grow, develop, love others, forgive, let go of the past,  use all that is in the book, STS and write articles, create headlines, use the back office, create videos, talk to people using Tom Big Al Schreiter’s techniques, listen to the past recordings, talk to your prospects without an agenda, tell stories, have integrity, do your self talk, get on the calls, speak up, learn to be a leader, learn the business, love yourself, be amazing and amaze yourself and the list goes on.

It’s direction as simple as taking actions to accomplish goals.  Each goal accomplished moves us closer to our dreams.

And when your mind is focussed on loving and serving others, you cannot go wrong as having the mindset of helping others to reach their goals only brings blessings upon you.  The unselfish agenda was always God’s plan for his people.  God first and all else falls in place to him who believes.

And here at MFF we learn that we must do this business without the agenda.  Take the agenda out and you are planting many seeds along the way.  One day the seeds will sprout and all those seeds that were planted will bring fruit your way.

You can’t put a time to all this.  You can put a time on reaching goals, but never will you know when and how these blessings will come, so relax, enjoy your journey, use the power you have been given by your mastermind group and take action.

Just know without a doubt in your mind that you are the planter planting good seeds and good seeds need time to flourish. Just know in your mind that when you allow time for your seeds to flourish, a blossom develops that is good and beautiful and it’s roots are so strong that each year the blossom becomes more beautiful, sprouting more blossoms year after year.  Just remember that the time you take to nuture will be the best crop developed and you are rewarded!

That’s how God works and that’s how this business works best!

Be the master of your life and work your life to accomplish your dreams.

Last week I said never ever give up and I say it again.

Never ever give up on yourself!

You have power now with your mind and this mastermind group.

Use it to your advantage and you will reach your dreams.

You are doing it now with persistence and actions.

Be patient and let the process of growth and develpment take you, inspire you and become the real you- the person you would not have known existed if it were not for discovering MFF, or should I say someone at MFF reaching out to help you.

Go out, make a difference, and make it happen.

Reach out and help someone!

Lead them here to this mastermind group where they can grow into beautiful blossoms.

This is true networking with a servant’s heart and much, much more.

Thank you Micheal and Linda for showing me how to do true stewardship from the heart.  Thanks to everyone here at MFF, all the brilliant leaders who shine and for giving me a great gift of re-discovering the courage I’ve always had to move into action, but just didn’t know how to.

Much love and appreciation,

Marsha Sortino

Thank you Marsha, I am so energized and happy to be part of the amazing mastermind group you talk about in your post.

How do you become part of this system for free?
If you are an mlm er or a professional network marketer you can joing by getting your fee copy of the ebook success in ten steps.

Click on the link  ebook success in ten steps and download the ebook  or just contact me and I will plug you into the free personal development program.

If you dont want the ebook or your just interested in the personal development side of things then just shoot me an email with 30 day mental cleanse in the subject line at and I will help you to register into the program for free.

The online mlm leader | Michael Dlouhy

The online mlm leader | Michael Dlouhy

The mlm leader | Michael Dlouhy

The online mlm leader | Michael Dlouhy

The online mlm leader | Michael Dlouhy

The mlm leader | Michael Dlouhy is an insomniac! How can he sleep and achieve everything that he does? He definitely never sleeps or he has invented a time machine.

Michael Dlouhy’s list of achievements as a leader

  • leads by example
  • listens carefully
  • tells it like it is
  • author of many books, including the free ebook success in ten steps.
  • number one presidential rating in his network marketing company
  • family man
  • loving husband
  • mentor to thousands
  • friend
  • founder of Mentoring For Free
  • founder of 30 day mental cleanse free personal development
  • reads every post in the mental cleanse forum
  • great speaker
  • still growing and learning
  • Creating a new book on the Power Of The Mind
  • Still finds time to go on company cruises to inspire others.
I rest my case with all of these achievements that he is currently working on and developing continually how can he find time to sleep.
Michael is a predominantly a blue personality. This means he processes information quickly and sees the big picture immediately. He loves fun, excitement and people. This all holds him in good stead for the incredible journey he is on, of making a positive difference for many people.

Michael is passionate about personal development. His amazing 30 day mental cleanse course is changing lives. He clearly points out that this is how he learned to focus and channel his energy into becoming the person he is.

People are drawn to Michael and his vision of teaching people how to think not what to think. When people can learn to do this they become critical  thinkers. His vision is to have a world of critical thinkers who can attract the lives they want to themselves.


Get to know Michael.

Michael’s classic ebook success in ten steps will give you are real insight into how he became successful entrepreneur. Do yourself a favour download the ebook success in ten steps. Click on the link and enter your name, email address and phone number. The ebook is free. I will call you and discuss it and eventually give you the opportunity have a coaching call with Michael.

Law of attraction | self talk

Law Of attraction | Self talk

Law Of attraction | Self talk

Law of attraction | self talk

Law of attraction | self talk

Law of attraction | self talk post is brought to you by Marsha Sortino. Marsha has blossomed into a person who is radiating amazing energy in the mastermind group. Marsha’s lesson clearly outlines the process for achieving this high energy level.

Marsha writes. ” CHAPTER 12


The Eleventh Step toward Riches

This chapter screams out to me the important role our subconscious mind plays in our lives.

The real power we have to change our lives is rooted in using the subconscious mind to its fullest.

What are we doing (thinking about) is the real question here.

Are we doing self talk that is diluted and without emotion?

The conscious mind detects this and brings it forth with doubt and fears in our minds.

It’s like trying to plant a garden without fertilizer and the results appear as a garden that struggles to stay alive.

Or are we doing self talk that aligns in harmony with our deepest desire?

We have to connect our self talk with the 7 positive emotions for our self talk to come alive.

It’s the passion we have to persist and to take our actions and align them with our mind body and soul so they take root and change the course of our lives.

We can only do this with self talk that makes us feel alive and passionate.

Many years ago, I had an experience that was extraordinary.  I was sitting outside on the grass in my yard just soaking the warmth of the sun’s rays, when suddenly I had this feeling of being truly connected to the universe, as if some mystical and wondrous force was speaking to me.

It was enlightening to have this experience as I realized that I was a part of something bigger, grander than myself.  I realized that I could tap into this grandness.

What I did not realize at this time was that I was given a gift, an opportunity to change the course of my life.  Sadly, at this time, I did nothing to change the course my life was on and did nothing to change it when I could have.

It’s only now that I am working on taking the responsibility for my life.  I am doing self talk that feels alive and passionate just as I want my life to be.

I have always had a passion for learning about religions and spirituality.  And I have always loved studying the Hawaiian culture.   One of my favorite ways to pray is using the Huna Prayer (an ancient Hawaiian method of praying and performing rituals) as:

“It involves using the three minds (subconscious, conscious and higher) and universal law.  The conscious mind gives a direction to the subconscious mind, which is the world of dreams, belief etc. and invokes the higher mind, which has the ability to connect with God.  In order for a prayer to reach the higher self, the conscious mind must raise the vital force necessary to propel the prayer through the subconscious mind.  The higher self can then connect with beings and energies to help bring about the desired result” (Lynne Mitchell).

I found this prayer aligns perfectly with my religious beliefs and self talk so I use it to formulate my prayer requests.

I am thankful and oh so grateful for having this new chance at renewing my life now through connecting with this master mind group.  You have all taught me the importance of self talk, persistence and daily actions to move my business forward and keep my dreams alive.

Much love and appreciation,

Marsha Sortino ”


Thank you Marsha I am sure you hav helped many people identify where their self talk was not quite what it should be. This is invaluable information.

If you are interested in taking part in the mental cleanse the process, success in ten steps.  Please include your correct information especially your phone number. This is important, so I can call you and guide you through on how to plug into the free personal development course.

practical steps for your self talk |positive mindset

practical steps for your self talk |positive mindset

Practical steps for your self talk |positive mindset

practical steps for your self talk |positive mindset

practical steps for your self talk |positive mindset

Practical steps for your self talk |positive mindset is about knowing how to control your thoughts.

In this post I will tell you how I learned to use practical steps to begin to control my thoughts.

I am now able to analyse what enters my mind.  This has happened after a  long process of experimenting with self talk .

I have reached a level where the chatter in my mind is beginning to quieten down.

I no longer worry about not achieving what I set to do.

I had this ridiculous notion that if I used reverse psychology, then I wouldn’t be disappointed when I failed. Guess what I was doing, yes you probably got it I was attracting failure to myself. Sure I wasn’t getting disappointed! The problem was I wasn’t achieving anything either.

I put it down to my programming ‘don’t aim too high or you will get disappointed’ self talk. This is something that I grew up with and for me it controlled everything I did. Everything was about being conservative and staying within my comfort zone. This was a great way to live. I wasn’t getting disappointed.  Dah!

How do you begin to change the programming?

Well for me it was about being immersed with a group of like minded people. These people are learning to be successful in life and in business. I also learned how to say a positive self talk with power and passion about 400 times each day.

The fuel and daily activity to bring about the erasing of the old programming is to begin a mental diet. The old saying about you are what you eat is also true about your mind .’You become what you think about!

So just as when you are dieting and you have to be very careful and conscious about what enters your mouth. The same is also true about what enters your mind.

Don’t let the negative junk thoughts enter your mind. This is junk food for the mind.

Instead surround yourself with positive people. Read good uplifting books. Feed your mind with good healthy thoughts. This will initiate  a whole new program for your mind to deal with.

Yes be selective about what you allow in from the media. Television and radio are your worst enemies. If you can, block them out for at least thirty days.

If you’re really serious get rid of them.

How do we feed our minds with good healthy thoughts?

Reading good healthy books such as personal development books is a good starting point.

Commence a positive self talk. Say this around four hundred times each day. If you want more information on the process click on the highlighted text.

When somebody is puking negativity all over you and you cant walk away. Shift your thoughts to your perfect day. The smile on your face as they’re puking negativity will soon make them stop.

Using the above strategies has been a saving grace for me. I haven’t completed the journey yet. The path becomes never ending and the excitement of staying on the journey is magical. So I don’t want it to end.

Everyday and every moment of each day takes you deeper into living in the now. This is priceless.

Start doing your self talk and you can begin the journey.

Loddy Micucci

cell 61 0437742108

skype loddy.micucci


Practical steps for your self talk |positive mindset is worth incorporating into your life.


ego and autosuggestion

Ego and autosuggestion

Ego and autosuggestion!

ego and autosuggestion

ego and autosuggestion

I am having a problem with what ego really is. My auto suggestion
tells me it’s the loud people forever wanting attention. They’re the ones
with the big ego.

Us shy reserved Greens we don’t do that! Yes all the loud people who
are crying out for attention they are the ones with the big egos!

Hey wait a minute, is it acquiring money that is the problem or is it
the love of money that is the problem.
This seems to be one of those conundrums?

Maybe my programming is all messed up? All my life my auto suggestion has been
play down your true ability for you don’t wont to show off!

Man is this ego! A superiority complex or what? Yet I thought it was an inferiority

I told you my programming is all messed up!

Is it fear of criticism that brings you inwards to a feeling that everybody else
has a big ego because they are loud and show off?

I am starting to realise that to serve others you have to reach out and show that you care.

Withdrawing and playing it safe just wont cut it.

When you are insular and withdrawn you are telling the universe to leave you alone!
Even though it’s asking you to let it in and help you.

My realisation is strengthened as I see the difference that reaching out can make.

Suddenly people smile and talk to you, its like you have allowed a light to be switched
on. The light never falters and the loud so called big egos change lives, they are infectious
and make people smile.
They are the ones making a difference!

I guess the ego can dominate and be the driving force for just being loud without any
purpose to serve others. This would be what arrogance is all about.

So where am I going with this?

The point I am trying to make is that if your intention is to serve others and really
care about the people you come into contact with you need to reach out.

Even though this can be construed as having a big ego, if your intentions are to
help then it cant be bad!

However I recall and still slip back into thinking maybe they don’t want anything to do with me.
I’ll talk to them later.

It’s not the right time, I’ll call tomorrow.

Is procrastination some form of ego?
Not wanting to reach out because of the fear of criticism.
Waiting for the perfect time and delaying as long as possible.

Is this really saying that the other person is not worth your time?  Who has the big ego now?

With every chapter and turn of the page there is a new twist and turn to unravel from your

I hope I can sort out that mixed up programming soon.

To this amazing mastermind group I am indebted for this journey of self discovery
and the clarity to dig deep and clear out all the negative autosuggestion.

Thank you Michael and Linda for your vision and inspiration to allow us to grow
into who we are meant to be.

Love you all
Loddy Micucci


Loddy Micucci

cell 61 0437742108

skype loddy.micucci


If you want to explore this topic further then download the free ebook success in ten steps. It will be the first step towards removing the ego from your life.

The power of self talk

The power of self talk!

Well the power of self talk was having an impact on me.

The power of self talk

The power of self talk energised my day! I got funny looks as I talked to myself while walking my dog. It didn’t seem to matter. It was like I had  tunnel vision and the looks could not penetrate my concentration. I could focus on my tasks a lot better  and get them done properly.

So what had changed all I was doing was saying a positive self talk that went something like this ” I love myself and I am worthy of success. I am having fun building the biggest most profitable network marketing organisation in history. And I will leave a legacy for my children and their children.” I didn’t know it at the time but I was in fact removing negativity from my thought processes.

The power of self talk was redirecting my thoughts and tuning  into the radio frequency of the positive channel. This was only the beginning. Could the power of self talk become even stronger? I cast your mind back to the first email I received when I began my journey of self discovery.

For those  of you that have not read that post you will find it by clicking on this link.
Well that email said that I had to block out negative thoughts for 30 days. As I recall, I had done some of the things stated in the email such as not reading the newspaper, not listening to talk back radio and staying away from negative people. However I was still watching tv and not drinking enough water. So the power of self talk was not as intense as it could be.

Then it all clicked for me. I was on a training call and one of my mentors Ken Klemm was speaking about this very subject. He went onto say that it is important to follow the process exactly as outlined in the first email. Drinking plenty of water was helping our brain to build new pathways to accommodate  the new knowledge that we were taking in. He went on to say that we need to block out all negativity for 30 days as this is how long it takes for a habit to form. Wow, so I suddenly realised that I was only paying lip service to the process.

So from that day on I ensured that the tv was off, or I was some where else when it was on. In most cases I would be reading a good book when I had any free time. The impact of these two minor changes was very powerful indeed. Suddenly, the power of self talk was unleashed to its full strength. I was walking around belting out my self talk with passion and feeling and repeating  it at least two hundred times a day.

I must have been vibrating at a much higher frequency. For suddenly things began to happen. Strangers would smile at me and strike up a conversation. There was always a parking space right in front of my destination. My decision making was clear and without doubt.

However the real evidence of  the power of self talk hit home when my lesson on the chapter of sex transmutation was chosen to be read on our weekly calls. It was as if Michael Dlouhy the founder of the mental cleanse program had also picked up on my new found energy level.

This was exciting and also daunting I had to read my lesson to a global audience? Was I ready for this. I now realise what I did! I diffused the power of self talk. I have just clearly written down that I began to doubt my ability to read my lesson to a global mastermind group.

Wow, writing this story has just opened my eyes as to why I wasn’t ready to embrace the new person I was becoming at the time!
Tomorrow’s post will be about using the energy or the memory of sex transmutation to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Loddy Micucci
skype loddy.micucci
cell 61 0437742108

Are you ready to serve others with love?

Are you ready to serve?

Are you ready to serve?

Are you ready to serve others with love?


Napoleon Hill in chapter seven asks us the question are you ready to serve?

When you analyse if  are you ready to serve others to obtain what you want it is quite clear that you have to give.

You have to give of yourself and your efforts to show whether  are you ready to serve.


Ken Klem my mastermind mentor reminds us of what are you ready to serve really means.

Organized PLANNING?
Not exactly. POWER is Organized EFFORT.

Many readers get sidetracked in this middle section of
TGR. They forget about the BASICS:

1. DEFINITE CHIEF AIM. This is not a one-time goal, or
a pinnacle – this Your Major Life Purpose, Your WHY.

not a passing fancy – this is the reason You rise from
sleep every day.

3. A grain of BELIEF You are LIVING in Your CHIEF AIM.

4. Repeated SELF-TALK to create Neural Pathways to
achieve Unconscious Competence.

5. Listen ONLY to those who have what You want. LEARN
by OBSERVING then, and by Your own EXPERIENCE through
ACTION. Remain COACH-ABLE as long as You draw breath –
You can NEVER know it all!

6. Focusing Most of Your Time on Your WHY, You allow
the Universe to feed You the HOW through the faculty of

Greens see the word “organized” and go, “Woo-HOO! I get
to play with the file cabinet!”

When Hill uses the word he is talking about
coordinating and cooperating EFFORT in PERFECT HARMONY.
You know You can’t do this stuff alone – it takes a
TEAM. When Your Team is in Harmony, You have POWER.
Without Harmony (or organized via Fear), any Team will

The primary reason most people fail in ANYTHING is
because they do things they do not enjoy. That is why
YOU MUST organize Your Mind,  free of chatter, to
discover what You truly like to do.

If You truly dislike every aspect of Network Marketing,
then You will hurt Yourself by putting effort into it.
If the only reason You joined Your company is because
You thought You get rich quick, then please, please,
please get out of the business!

(If You have a small team of loyal customers and like
the products, then – by all means – keep Yourself bonus
qualified. Just don’t spend major Energy and Effort in

ALL great wealth is created via a Culture of SERVICE.
The major CHOICE You must make in Your life is HOW You
Will SERVE – it must be something You thoroughly enjoy

Attributes of the Millionaire Mindset. Over time, the
Law of Increasing Returns will deliver money far out of
proportion to the service rendered.

The HABIT is also a Key Attribute of LEADERSHIP. We are
building a volunteer army here. We LEAD through

Noticed that all Leadership Attributes are ATTITUDES,
not Skills.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm – Florida, USA

P.S. Your greatest asset is the CAPITAL VALUE of Your MIND.



Loddy Micucci

skype loddy.micucci


cell 61 043 7742108


Thank you Ken, brilliant piece of insight into chapter seven of “think and grow rich” by Dr. Napoleon Hill.  Organized planning is about whether you are ready to serve others to obtain what you desire?

strong imagination

Let your imagination run!

Let your imagination run and create the ideas that you have.

Once you have an idea and an inspiration let your imagination run and nurture the idea! If you add the imagination required to make your idea come to life it will.

Our guest author Graeme Norris writes an excellent lesson on how you can let your imagination run.

Graeme Norris is part of the 30 day mental cleanse and we share lessons related to “think and grow rich”. This week we are studying chapter six on imagination.

He writes

« on: October 20, 2011, 12:59:34 PM »

Chapter 6 – ImaginationWhere it not for the use of human imagination we would still be living in
caves!A great example of a man using his imagination is Steve Jobs. I listened to
him talk about the ipad – he was working on the ipad way before the iphone!
His goal was to get rid of the keyboard and asked his guys if he could do a
multitouch display. When they came back with it 6 months later he saw
immediately how well this would work for the cell phone. So he shelved the
idea of the ipad for that time and developed the iphone.His whole idea for the ipad was to help and support editorial print. He
believes that it will save journalism. Any democracy depends on a free
healthy press. He does not want us to descend to a nation of bloggers. I
think we need editorial more than ever right now. Anything we can do to
help the great news gathering organizations find new ways of expression.
This is where Steve Jobs used his imagination to make a huge impact on the
world! Apple released their figures for last quarter, over 27 billion
dollars in sales in just 3 months!Steve Jobs believes there will be a transition from the dominance of the PC
to an era where mobile computing dominates with the iphone and ipad.Steve Jobs knew how to use his imagination, creative imagination and it was
through years of practise and determination. He applied the principles that
Hill talks about in this chapter.

It starts with the idea! He started with the keyboard and used his creative
imagination to find an alternative way of interfacing with the operating
system of the computer. His idea might very well be the eventual downfall
of the keyboard into the history books!

No one could have imagined what fortunes would flow from that old kettle
and that slip of paper that had that formula for coca cola or the many
ideas that have changed the world since.

The biggest takeaway that has impacted me as I think and ponder on these
inspirational stories is that I must not fear the ideas that spring into my
mind or put any limitations upon them. Instead I must develop a plan of
action and know that the how will come about and unfold way beyond my
understanding. I’m reminded that God has a much better imagination and much
bigger plans that my mind can ever think through.

Steve Jobs, with the iphone/ipad, Dale Carneige with the steel industry,
Henry Ford with the motor car, Asa Candler with Coca Cola, Bill Gates with
Microsoft and on and on and on – all of them, the ideas blossomed and
bloomed way further than they imagined and were much bigger than

If an idea comes to us then we must treasure it, see it as a gift and be a
good steward of that idea. Knowing that we need to nurture it, grow it by
putting a plan of action mixed with creative imagination so that all can
benefit from it. The idea is not for you or me it is for all to benefit

So my prayer should be that I be a good steward of those great ideas!

Thanks Linda and Michael Dlouhy for your continued inspiration to all of

yours with much gratitude!
Graham Norris ”

Thank you Graham
If you want to listen to Graham’s lesson being read click on the link.