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September 2015

3 Myths of abundance Finally Shattered

By | September 16th, 2015|Loddy's story|

3 Myths of abundance Finally shattered The first myth to be shattered is that abundance runs out.  Many people have the notion that not everybody can have abundance because there is just not enough to go around. This type of mindset makes it difficult to have abundance in your life. The minute you begin to worry

December 2012

Real success | Giving

By | December 28th, 2012|Loddy's Personal Development story|

Real success | Giving Real success | Giving   This post is inspired by the " Go Giver " by Bob Burg and John Mann. It is a paradox! Most people would probably consider success to be how much they can get rather than how much they can give! This may have a

January 2012


By | January 21st, 2012|Loddy's Personal Development story|

Desire Desire is chapter two of 'think and grow rich' by Napoleon Hill. This is my reflection of this chapter as posted to the mental cleanse mastermind group. It's a small word. It creates a fire . The fire cannot be extinguished. It burns strong. It flickers and sways. Situations make it intensify