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October 2015

Law Of Attraction myth or fact

By | October 1st, 2015|Loddy's story|

Law Of Attraction myth or fact Can you get your head around The Law Of attraction? Is The law of attraction myth or fact? There is a secret to ensuring you live the life you want to live. The secret is The law Of Attraction and it's put into action by the way you think.

September 2015

The Law Of Attraction

By | September 30th, 2015|Loddy's story|

The Law Of Attraction What is an attitude of gratitude So you have read The Secret and watched the Dvd. You understand the process of asking for something and believing without a shadow of doubt that you will receive it. The how it will come about is not your domain it will be

3 Myths of abundance Finally Shattered

By | September 16th, 2015|Loddy's story|

3 Myths of abundance Finally shattered The first myth to be shattered is that abundance runs out.  Many people have the notion that not everybody can have abundance because there is just not enough to go around. This type of mindset makes it difficult to have abundance in your life. The minute you begin to worry

The Ugly Truth About purpose

By | September 14th, 2015|Loddy's story|

The Ugly Truth About purpose The ugly truth about purpose Are you one of those misguided individuals who have been searching for their purpose. Waiting and searching for a sign  to enlighten you on what you are meant to be doing in this life? If like me you have made it your mission

February 2014


By | February 12th, 2014|Loddy's story|

Motivation Motivation Do you lack motivation? Are you waiting for external rewards to motivate you? Do you get disappointed when you don't get the results you are after? Your motivation is crucial to your end results. No matter how talented you are if you lack motivation you will not achieve the things you

May 2013

What are you thinking about ?| Wayne Dyer

By | May 28th, 2013|Loddy's story|

What are you thinking about ? | Wayne Dyer Wayne Dyer always knew that what you are thinking somehow has a way of showing up in your life. Today we discuss the power to contemplate a solution How your ego wants to stop you having abundance Believing and having faith that what you think about

Discover your secret today !

By | May 8th, 2013|Loddy's Personal Development story, Loddy's story|

Discover your secret today ! Discover your secret today by being open to receiving all that life can offer you. Play this every morning and evening to discover your secret. Allow the feeling of life to raise you to the heights of your higher self. Why settle for anything else when there is greatness inside

October 2012

The secret | feel good

By | October 7th, 2012|Loddy's Personal Development story|

The secret |feel good The secret is to feel good, can it be that easy? The secret is to feel good You know even as I have just written those words I still can't comprehend that it is that easy. I have just finished reading Rhonda Byrne's book the secret. The thing that