Tom Big Al Schreiter | Sponsoring Crystal Ball

Tom Big Al Schreiter | Sponsoring Crystal Ball

Do you wish you had a crystal ball to work out how to speak the language of your clients.

Take the guess work out of sponsoring and learn the language of colours.

Suddenly you will face no rejections.

No sales alarms will go off.

You will just be talking their language and they will want to hear more.

Watch the video below to see how quickly and efficiently Tom Big Al sums up how to converse with reds.

Once you can speak the language of your clients then the rest is just apiece of cake.


So are you ready to undergo some serious colours training?

What you say and the sequence of words you use can make all the difference to your end results. Don’t leave it all to chance be informed. Be ready to speak the language of your clients.

When you click on the link below you will see a picture of successful MLM marketers who are using their sponsoring crystal ball to talk the language of their clients.

Go on do it now Big Al colours 

Fill out the form and be sure to confirm that you are ready to receive emails from us.

You will receive ongoing support and a whole mentoring system for free.

The training will also be available in a live forum. This means you listen in to Network marketers calling clients and discussing the personality types.

Nothing like real live practice to get you in tune with the colours. You will become a master of Tom Big Al Schrieters | Sponsoring Crystal Ball.

I look forward to working with you as you master the language of your clients.

What are you waiting for click the link and get started.

You will be glad you did.


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Know like and trust builds success

Know Like and trust builds success

Know Like and trust builds success

Know like and trust builds success

Know like and trust builds success

Have you ever wanted why some build succeed so easily?

Yet others doing exactly the same thing take for ever to make things happen?

What is their secret?

These scenarios are taken from Tom Big Al Schrieter’s report.

Let’s look at some scenarios here to highlight the importance of how know like and trust builds success. 

What if your products were half-price?

Now, knock on someone’s door at 4 AM to sell them your wonderful product at half-price, and well … they won’t be liking you. No sale.

You and I don’t buy from people we don’t like unless we are desperate. Think about where you like to do business. Do you like the people at that business?

People make a decision on your business based upon their trust in you.

They don’t know enough facts to make an intelligent decision on your opportunity, so they depend on your judgment.

Here are some examples of people who have already establishes know, like and trust builds success.

A doctor can pick up the telephone and 10 people will give him their credit card numbers over the telephone. He has a position of authority and is trusted and respected by his sheer title.

The midwife of 40 years in the community will influence almost everyone she talks to.

The farmer who everyone knows is honest will influence almost everyone he talks to.

The service man who has worked in the community for years will have an easy time introducing people to the business.

These people have already done the work. They have built relationships and trust. They don’t have to go out and build new friends. They simply have to collect for their previous years of work.

Now, the 21-year-old who moves to a new community and tries to sponsor strangers in the shopping mall has a disadvantage. He hasn’t had time to build trust and relationships with his prospects.

Or, the salesman who cheated his customers will have to start over, making new relationships.

Or, the tradesman who is unfriendly and rude will have few people that know like or trust him.

Since people join because of you, here is a question:

“Is success in business about  finding the right person, or in being the right person?”

The answer is obvious.

So more important than presentations or company videos is the power to create rapport and trust.

You need to become more to earn that trust.

Building relationship takes time and the more your learn and grow the more people will trust you.

This should put you on a journey of constant learning.

The best part about this is that your team members or business partners will also follow you on that journey.

This means your whole company will be working towards the understanding that know like and trust builds success.

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Mlm I icebreaker

mlm | icebreaker

Mlm I icebreaker

Mlm I icebreaker

mlm | icebreaker

Mlm icebreaker is that break in the conversation where your new mlm client has opened the way for you to speak about your opportunity.

So what is the number one killer icebreaker that will have your client leaning forward to want to know more?


Tom Big Al Schreiter has  been using it for years. He paints a picture of how it can enter a person’s subconscious mind. Once it does this it will have them leaning forward wanting to know more.

You see there is a program in the subconscious mind that wants your client o be part of most people. If you use these powerful two words most people then their subconscious mind is already joining most people.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can have your client leaning forward instead of preparing to run away as soon as they can.

I am sure you can relate to this scenario.

Watch the video and see how Art Jonak and Tom Big Al Schreiter get people to sign up for their pay check.



Most people want to get paid for something they already have been doing since they were five years old.

Once they know you can show them how to do it, they want to know more or better still they want to join you of course!


Follow this up with some great stories of the things that they have been recommending to all their friends and not getting paid for it.

Your clients will start to realize how valuable it word be for them to get paid on what they recommend.


The beauty of this opening sentence and follow up story is that you have established yourself as somebody who can help them make an extra income on a skill they already posses.

So have fun using ” Most people have been doing network marketing and not getting paid for it”!


Write  comment on how it works for you. Most people who leave a comment have been successful with this mlm icebreaker.

If you want to get a head start, read about the secret language your clients have in this free ebook. It begins on page 59.

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Information, decision, mlm

Information|Decision| mlm

Information|Decision| mlm

Information, decision, mlm

Information, decision, mlm

Information is important to help people make a decision in mlm. The how people make a decision is also very important.


Some people make a decision based on the information that you have presented while some don’t. You have presented the same information right?

So it’s clear to assume here that the information itself is not the key to whether your client joins your business. If that were the case they would all join because you have presented the same information to everybody. Sure on some occasions you might deliver it better. Yet there is no escaping that if your client’s decision making was based solely on the information you presented your results would be more consistent. Closer to 50% yes and 50% no. Is this the case for you? If not we will proceed on that there is something else impacting on the decision making of your clients.

Information has no impact on how your client makes up their minds.

This may come as a shock for people but unfortunately it is true. I f you don’t want to take my word for it do your own research on how the mind makes decisions. So now that we are on the same page about this you ask the question, what will I do with my brilliant presentation? Of course there is a place for your presentation and training after your client has decided to join your opportunity.

Your client makes a decision in the first 1 to 10 seconds of you opening your mouth.

Now you can see why you  do a presentation once they have already decided to join your team. If they decide within the first ten seconds would it not be better for everybody if you knew that decision. If it’s yes well then you can go to town and train them up big time. Tell them everything they might want to know about your special products and special bonuses. If the answer is no then you have saved yourself and your client some valuable time. I am thinking you probably have made a friend of your client rather than raising the salesmen alarm and them despising you.

If your job description in mlm is to get your clients to make a decision.

Yes your job description is to help your client to make a decision about whether to use your products or to join your team. Why because this is what you get paid for? You will not make any money any other way!

Commercial language has a way of making us buy in 15 seconds.

How much information is delivered to us in 15 minutes? Yet somehow it is enough to get out credit cards and buy the product?

Commercial language has a way of by passing the salesman alarm and forcing you to buy.

It impacts on your previous programming and manipulates it to force you to buy.

An example of this is three out four registered dentist use this toothbrush.  This statement prays on the survival programming and the authority programming.  Most dentists use this tooth brush, I must use it to because dentists know all about toothbrushes and if three out of use it then it must be good. Done deal your subconscious mind has decided. Guess which toothbrush you will buy?

So it is time to learn some commercial language when you first talk to your clients.

Two words can make all of the difference in what you say. Most people want to belong in a large group. They stick together and only make a decision if it is safe to do so. It is safe when most people make the same decision. They don’t want to be part of some people. Some people is a  minority group and can be dangerous. So how does this impact on how you talk to your mlm clients?

Most people I talk to get really excited about working from home and leaving the rat race behind. Some don’t and they continue to spend four hours in traffic every single day until they retire.

Most people I show this opportunity to feel really excited about firing their boss. Some don’t and they continue to work long hours until they retire 40 years later and then die.


Here is a little test for you to finish off this post. I am going to write four aspects of your mlm business in any order, how would you arrange them in order of the most important to the least important?

Presentation, Building rapport, Ice breaker (this is when you shift the conversation and speak about  your opportunity), closing,

How did you go?
I hope you put presentation last!


If you want to get a head start, read about the secret language your clients have in this free ebook. It begins on page 59.

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I just found out Tom Big Al Schreiter is in town.

I just found out Tom Big Al Schreiter is in town!

I just found out Tom Big Al Schreiter is in town!

I just found out Tom Big Al Schreiter is in town.

I just found out Tom Big Al Schreiter is in town.

I just found out is the next stage of Tom Big Al Schreiter’s magic sequence of words.

What is the power of these four words?

They are the next four words that Tom Big Al Schreiter teaches when delivering his magic sequence of words. So following from I am just curious is, I just found out.

Why use I just found out? Because it’s like knowing a secret and everybody wants to be in on the secret. So they lean over wanting to know more.

There is a programming in people’s subconscious mind that wants to know what you just found out? This paves the way for providing an ice breaker into your business.

The I am curious part is designed to engage and build rapport with your client and the I just found out statement is designed to lead your client towards your opportunity.

Some examples of this in action are:

I just found out :

  • how you can make more money part time than working full time for forty hours each day.
  • that by taking good nutritional supplements lowers your chance of getting sick tremendously.
  • that working smarter will make you more money than working harder.
  • how to get paid over and over again  from something you do just once.


The beauty of the whole situation is that now you have your client fully engaged in asking you questions. You have shifted the focus from yourself onto them. Your client wants to know how to go about doing the scenarios you mentioned above.


You will know very quickly whether or not to take the client any further.

Are they intrigued enough to suggest a presentation to show them how they can achieve the above scenarios?

Do you need to schedule more time with them?

If so I suggest making a coffee shop appointment to discuss the scenarios further.


Because you are building a strong relationship with your client.

If they don’t want the opportunity they might consider having a coffee with you and building a good relationship.

You cant lose!


Good luck I hope you get a chance to see Tom Big Al Schreiter when he is in your neck of the woods.

If you want to get a head start, read about the secret language your clients have in this free ebook. It begins on page 59.

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Tom Big Al Schreiter | mlm | presentation

Tom Big Al Schreiter |mlm| presentation

Tom Big Al Schreiter |mlm|presentation

Tom Big Al Schreiter | mlm | presentation

Tom Big Al Schreiter | mlm | presentation

Your client looks at you and before you have opened your lips your client has made up their mind!

You work hard to get your clients interested in your mlm opportunity. You set up a great meeting. You are armed with your flip chart and brilliant lap top video presentation. Your client is looking for  ways to earn extra money and how to enjoy spending the money livening longer and healthier.

You have the perfect opportunity that will help them get the extra money and live longer. It’s a no brainer! A match made in heaven so to speak.

You know this client will be perfect for your organisation. They have pre sold themselves. Let me review. Your client wants to live longer and have the money to enjoy living longer.

You cant possibly fail!

You set to work! You have selected a coffee shop to enhance the experience. The whole meeting proceeds smoothly. It is now just a matter of pulling out the forms and getting their signature on the dotted line.


Your prospective mlm client says NO!

How can that be? You did everything right! Your mlm client was eager and ready to sign their life away and yet at the end of your thirty minute presentation they say NO

What could possibly have gone wrong.

Unfortunately you talked them out of joining! How did you do that! Well you did nothing to change their previous job mentality programming. You see their mind was already made up.

How you ask?  The subconscious programming of a life time is a make up of all your clients. So even though your client comes pre sold, yes they are looking to earn extra money and they are looking to live longer and healthier they still say no. Yet you were offering them a way to earn more money and to enjoy it by living longer?


So what happened?

You did not get passed their previous programming of ” anything that is not about working harder and earning more money is not a viable proposition.”

You see your client has a job mentality and what your offering does not get passed their very strong programming.

You need to learn to get your message across to the subconscious mind.

Until you learn to talk directly to the subconscious mind and stir up some of that old programming you will experience  many situations as out lined in the above example.

Tom Big Al Schreiter teaches you to learn a whole new skill set to  begin stirring up that premeditated programming so that they can at least have an open mind about what you have to offer.


I will work on providing you with a set of magic words to help you get passed the negative programming your mlm clients have in my next post.

I will leave you with a teaser for now. I am Just curious if you would like to know how to communicate directly to the subconscious mind?


If you want to get a head start read about the secret language your clients have in this free ebook. It begins on page 59.

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MLM | success?

MLM | success?

Success and mlm do not necessarily go hand in hand. many people fail miserably before they achieve success if at all.


Having a strong why and taking action to achieve success are crucial components of whether you are a success at MLM or not.


Do you have a strong why to succeed in MLM?

Do you have a strong why to succeed in MLM?

What a question to ask somebody! Yet without a strong why to succeed in MLM, you may as well quit.

It’s that simple MLM involves network marketing, notice the work in the word. So if you are scared of work buy a lottery ticket.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here as you have already noticed. Without a strong why to succeed in MLM and professional network marketing you will quit.

Why is a strong why to succeed in MLM important, because it becomes your driving and motivating force.

When you build laser focus to to achieve your why to succeed in MLM you become unstoppable.

This is where your desire, passion, faith,belief and persistence unite to ensure success.

Your strong why to succeed in MLM is ensured if all of the above aspects of you line up towards  achieving your goals.

Waking up early to make calls and listen to calls from the other side of the world is a piece of cake.

Stepping out of your comfort zone to make videos is just another days work.

Learning about copy writing and search engine optimization is about becoming more.

I think you get the drift.

This is the price you have to pay for your strong why to succeed in MLM.

Let’s face it there is always a price to pay.

Are you prepared to pay it?

If you are, send me your strong why to succeed in MLM and will start working on helping you achieve it.

If you need any more proof about this read this excerpt from success in ten steps by Michael Dlouhy ( a legendary professional network marketer that has achieved his strong why to succeed in MLM.)

” #2
“Look Deep, Deep,
DEEP Into My Eyes!”
Your Business Life Expectancy Is About 45
OK. You nailed me. That’s an exaggeration.
But not by a lot.
Ninety percent of new businesses fail the first year.
And 90% of the rest fail in the next 4 years.
THAT is tough.
You’re excited. You start. A thousand things go wrong. You want to quit a thousand
Most people just quit.
You need a strong enough reason to do it. Then if
WHAT you’re doing doesn’t work, you’ll figure out
some other way. But if you’re at all wishy-washy,
you’re a goner.
First thing we do in coaching is help you figure out your “WHY”.
Your Warm Market Has Ice In Their Veins.
A nailed “WHY” can save your life.
Most people have a huge problem when they decide to improve their situation in
life. That problem is one or more of the people closest to you will NOT want to
see you succeed.

This is a FACT for virtually everyone on this planet, and you are no different.
You can argue with me until you’re blue in the face, but that won’t change anything.
There are people in your life who will be threatened when you make a
passionate push to success. They will complain and criticize and try to
suck the life out of you.

Why? Because THEIR life is a mess and misery truly does love company.
Your best option is to get rid of them. Next best is to have an AMAZING “WHY”,
a 99.9% “WHY”, that will keep you going through rain, sleet, snow, flood, pestilence,
nuclear holocaust, or the criticism of a “loved” one.

So why is it critical you do THIS business? And why is it critical that you succeed?
How To Get “Staying Power”
People always tell their goals.
Fine. You need goals.
But your “WHY” is a big, big, big reason that will keep you going.
Where’s your fire? What do you LOVE? What do you HATE? What is REALLY important
to you? What do you REALLY want? What situation in life do you want to
get out of so it never ever, EVER happens again?

It’s not goals. It’s not money, either.
When I started coaching, people would write their “WHY”… usually money.
They’d need to pay a big hospital bill, or replace a car. Whatever.

But your real “WHY” is never money.
It’s about who YOU really are.

Your driving factor must be WAY more than money.
It’s something you want … or something you want to get away from. Better yet,
BOTH. If your “WHY” is a 70% and you come up against an obstacle that’s a
72%, you’re gone. You’ll drop out, disappear.
But when your “WHY” is a 99.9%, then you’re here to stay and be successful.

Why are you on this planet? In one form or another, you’re here to change lives,
touch lives, and help people. What were you meant to do?

Let’s Play Sherlock Holmes.
A new business is always a risk. People risk to avoid pain, or to achieve pleasure.

Answering these questions may help you find your “WHY”.
What gets you REALLY excited?
How many hours a week do you work?
What do you LOVE about your job?
What do you HATE about your job?
What do you do with your free time?
If you had 2 months vacation and all the money you wanted, what would you
How do you like the people you work with?
What problem scares you to death that more money could solve?
What do you just absolutely HATE about your life that more money could solve?

If you had all the money you needed, what HUGE problem would go away?
If you had all the TIME in the world to do anything you wanted, what would you
Other than money, what are you looking for?
I’ll give you a starting point.

The #1 reason I am in this business, that I’m here on this planet, is because I
LOVE my family. I want to spend more quality time with each of them. People
say, “Michael, that’s nuts. You work full-time in network marketing, you work at
home. You’re already right there.”
Yes. BUT … I treat business as business. When I’m in the office, I’m in the office.
Same as if my office was 20 miles away.
But that lets me have that time I cherish with my wife Linda, my son
Matthew, and my daughter Amanda.

I realize that many husbands and fathers rarely or never get the chance to do
the things they want with their families because of the demands on their time
from simply earning a living. Or, they don’t have the money.
For me, the rewards of MLM have allowed me to build the relationships I

Linda & I talk a LOT. It may be serious business conversation when we’re out to
dinner, or simple, crazy, “laugh-to-tears” talks late at night. We love to drive on
the beach at Daytona, or go snorkeling at Looe Key.
Matthew & I ride motorcycles & go scuba diving. We talk about business & computers,
engines & race cars. Sometimes he even wants advice!
Amanda has a T Top Camero with a “scoop” on the hood. I taught her how to
change her oil & service it. We have long talks in the boat out on the water or
after watching a movie together. I love to hug her at the end of the day.
Life is good when you get to do the things that make life really worthwhile.
Shocking – The Family Member I
Am Driven to Get Even With!

#2, my second “WHY”, is to feel good about myself.
This one’s very personal … just as your “WHY” should be.
My mother was a pessimist. She’d tell me, “You’re no good. You’ll never amount
to anything. You’ll never have a pot to pee in.”
But I programmed my mind to reject what she told me.
My father’s sister, my Aunt Honey, would say, “Michael, I love you. I’m proud of
you. You can do anything you want. Look at that beautiful picture you drew for
At 5 years old, I made a conscious decision that I liked my Aunt’s reality better
than I liked my mother’s reality.
So when my mother started running me down, I’d just step into the theater of
my mind. I’d picture & hear my Aunt Honey saying what a great kid I was. I’d
literally feel her hugging me. I’d stop feeling bad.
And now, to feel good about myself, I need to
be “Aunt Honey.” I MUST help people.
Go Catch Some Cannonballs, Boy!

In WWII, US soldiers took the “dog tags” from the necks of their fallen brothers,
to track who didn’t make it. General George Patton used to calculate how many
dog tags it would take to win a particular battle.
Now … preserving freedom for your children, your family, your neighbors, your
countrymen … THAT is worth the ultimate sacrifice.
But when you start a networking business, they line up to take your dog tag.
Raise your hand if you’re ready to give your life to increase some general’s income.
The generals send YOU to the front line to catch the cannonballs. They hope
you’ll get a few orders before you get blown to smithereens and they have to replace

Now, generals get paid pretty good. But after awhile, if you have any sense of
humanity, all those dead bodies begin to bother you.

That’s why we’ve done mentoring for free for people in ANY network
marketing company for more years than I can remember. We’ve never
charged a dime.
My credentials? Twenty-six years of hard knocks, 26 years of life lessons. Fulltime
in network marketing since 1991.
I have scars all over my body, head to toe, from life experiences in network

I’ve seen it all. Every time a company or distributorship explodes and goes
away, it’s because of greed and ego. Beware greed & ego. Stay away.
The people we attract don’t have a greed & ego problem. They are humble people,
people who want success.

Your Brain Ain’t Worth Dog Meat (No offense, Fido)
There’s a husband and wife team that was with a network marketing company
for 2 years and never sponsored anybody. We’ve been coaching them 7 or 8
months. It’s amazing. They may win the top recruiter award in their company
this year. They’re sponsoring 10 or 12 people a month.
They’ve gone from their heads to their hearts.
You’ll hear me say this a lot. Network marketing is NOT a sales business. It’s
certainly not a thinking business.
It’s a LISTENING business. It’s a TEACHING/MENTORING business. This husband
& wife aren’t selling anything. That’s not just a line. Really, they’re NOT
selling anything. Today, they are reaching their hearts out to others who need
They are mentoring for free.
I exist to mentor & coach you to success. Not MY success. YOURS! Your success
is a beautiful thing to me. If I can help you create success, then my future takes
care of itself.
So my first bit of coaching is, figure out your own “WHY”. Write it down. Test it
mentally. (Will it keep you going in VERY tough times?)
More tips to help you pinpoint your “WHY”:
What does your family mean to you?
What do you want for your own personal growth?
What you want to accomplish in your lifetime?
What scares you to death?
What would it mean to you to help others change their lives?
What really excites you in life?
What REALLY makes you angry about your life?
What would you like to give the people you love most?
What really, really gets you emotional?
Get Serious – Email Me!
It’s critical. You need a strong, written “WHY”, to stick around long enough to be
successful in this business.
Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me!!!!!!
Maybe I’m just weird. But to me, there is NOTHING in this business more fun
and emotionally stimulating and satisfying than to poke around the dark recesses
of your psyche, spot old frustrations and vengefulness and crazed hatreds
and lustful desires and unfulfilled dreams and long-time, unachieved goals and
all that other wonderful stuff that makes us who we are …
© Copyright – All Rights Reserved. 27
… and then HARNESS it all to help you achieve what you most want in life!
Look. You’ve been the EFFECT of this stuff long enough. Now it’s time to turn it
around and USE IT!
In fact, a nailed “WHY” is SO powerful, and I have seen it work so BIG so many
times, that I am absolutely unable to stop myself from helping you find exactly
the “WHY” that drives YOU.
WOW! I get REALLY excited when I dig into THIS stuff!
So when you’re happy with your “WHY”, email it to me.
We’ll talk about it.
If I can help you be successful … help you harness your demons and decide to
pay the price … then I’ll feel pretty good about myself.
Some People Wear Me Out!
On the other hand, it wears me out to work with someone who quits. I take it
personally. I wonder, “What can I do so this doesn’t happen?”
The answer I get? “Make SURE they have a “WHY” … and make sure it’s a 99.9
What motivates you to get up off the couch? What gets you to turn the TV off?
What would motivate you to call someone who has asked for information on
your business?
So my question is, “How motivated are you?”
Mentoring others gives my life worth and meaning. It drives me. For my
personal “WHY”, I need YOU to know how motivated you are to do
whatever it takes to be successful.
First step is to write down your “WHY.” And if you won’t pay THAT small price, I
want to know now, so I can spend my time with someone who will.”


Thank you Michael Dlouhy, I hope that clears up why you need a strong why to succeed in MLM or professional network marketing.


Download your own copy of success in ten steps and send me your strong why to succeed in MLM. I  am ready, willing and able to help you achieve it.


What is your MLM responsibility

What is your MLM responsibility?
What is your MLM responsibility?

What is your MLM responsibility the most important thing for anybody to do as soon as they sign up for an mlm opportunity is to take action.

Taking action and experiencing early success will build belief and generate income. Don’t waste any time procrastinating about the products. The price. How to do it etc, etc.

Slow down just a little, I am not saying to get out there and fire hose everybody within three feet. I am not saying to go and twist all your friends and families arms until they submit .

What is your MLM responsibility is all about being a professional. Yes you need to approach the whole thing as a professional with great value to offer your clients.

So go and learn some skills on how to be a professi0nal network marketer. Your mentor and up line should be able to point you in the right direction.

Let’s face it if you have such an amazing product why doesn’t it sell itself? Yes the product wont sell itself.

In order for mlm to work you need to sell as many products as you can to the end consumer.

So for you to experience success and make the first sale  you need to learn some skills.

Once you have acquired some basic skills. Then you need to get out and use those skills and get better at promoting the product.

Does this make sense!

It’s not about recruiting people! If you have that mentality, then so will the people you sponsor. If everybody just keeps recruiting how are you going to make money?

What are you going to teach your down line?

The skills to recruit others.

All well and good.

You might be saying yes but they all have to buy products so the MLM company will still be making money and so will we.

It’s a good line of thinking. However I ask you what is more difficult to do, sponsor people or promote products?

The other factor against you is statistics. These state that on average people only recruit 2.5 people in their whole mlm marketing career.

I’ll give you a little scenario to get my point across. I am in the weight loss industry. We sell a diet cookie. Now I could overload my new distributor with heaps of information about the pay plan and the special bonus etc. Or I can provide them with the skills to go out and sell those cookies.

Teach them how to communicate effectively with their clients and have them experiencing success and putting money in their pocket.

Ok you may be saying it takes time to develop those skills. This is where my mentor and legendary professional network marketer Tom Big Al Schreiter has it all figured out with his one minute and two minute story that anybody can learn and use.

It goes something like “Iam marketing a product that has helped people lose weight and keep it off.

It tastes great and is high in fibre. Would you know anybody who would benefit from a cookie like that?

This presentation is designed to lower the sales alarm. It comes across as if you are very concerned about helping people to get in shape.

If you have experienced a good result with the product then your own personal testimonial can be included where it says has helped people to lose weight.

Loddy Micucci

skype loddy.micucci

cell 61 0437742108


What is your mlm responsibility can be answered quite simply by emphasising that you need to learn the skills to promote the products you have. Once you have mastered that then you are ready to teach your team exactly what you know. Of course this now means that some of your very good customers have joined your business.

So keep it simple and have your clients experiencing success from the get go and this will drive the momentum for the whole


The worst that can happen is that you’re making money. The best that  can happen is that everybody in your team becomes successful.


Can you pull the trigger on mlm?

Can you pull the trigger on mlm
Can you pull the trigger on mlm

Can you pull the trigger on mlm, this sounds like a western cowboy movie!

Can you pull the trigger on mlm what does pulling the trigger have to do with mlm?

Ok well it’s like this, you know how there are these intellectuals who seem to study all of the time to acquire knowledge and die flat broke.

All of that knowledge remains dormant within the persons head and its never put into use.

Well this can be the same in mlm. Some people acquire all of the knowledge about compensation plans, products, fast start bonuses and then never actually recruit anybody,


What is going on here?

Well Michael Dlouhy and Tom Big Al Schreiter have the answers.

When can you pull the trigger on mlm?

It might be something that you were born to do, or it might be something that is as alien as little green men.

It’s all about the generations of programming that has impacted on your subconscious mind.

“Get a job work hard and have a good retirement.” You know the drum it is embedded into your psyche.

Here is the thing until you can dig that stuff out of your system you wont know when you can pull the trigger on mlm?

You need to do a mental cleanse. 

This is an opportunity to clear out all of that negative stuff and learn to embrace opportunity and become successful.

It’s an ongoing process and it starts off with being committed to the process and following through with action.

Loddy Micucci

Skype loddy.micucci


cell 61 0437742108


Michael Dlouhy and Tom Big AL schrieter explain it extremely well in the video below. So hit the play button and learn if can you pull the trigger on mlm?



If you are serious about learning when can you pull the trigger on mlm then download the free ebook success in ten steps and I’ll plug you into a free mental cleanse call.

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Tom Big Al Schreiter | Sydney

Tom Big Al Schreiter in Sydney

Tom Big Al Schreiter in Sydney

Tom Big Al Schreiter | Sydney

Tom Big Al Schreiter | Sydney

Tom Big Al Schreiter will be in Sydney on August 30th


Sydney, Australia 
Thursday August 30, 7pm-10pm
Clarion Hotel on the Park
18-40 Anderson St
Parramatta, NSW 2150
Cost: $20 at the door.
Topic is on http://Closing super closing!
Please use the form below to register for any scheduled workshop.
Learn to communicate with your clients rejection free. Tom Big Al Schreiter will provide you with the skills to get your message straight to the subconscious mind.

Why is this important?


It is important because the subconscious mind is the decision making part of the mind. When the conscious mind is trying to analyse the data and work out whether or not send it through to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind has already decided what to do based on your opening 30 seconds.


Live Workshop: Closing! SuperClosing! And how to close without rejection.


“Do I really know how to get prospects to believe me and make a decision?”

For most distributors, the answer is: “No.”

And that is deadly.

Our job is to get prospects to make a decision to use our products and services, and to join our opportunity.

Yet, if we can’t explain or understand exactly how our prospects make a decision, what chance do we have? How can we do our job when we don’t even understand how this works?

Can you answer these questions?

1. What part of the brain makes all of the decisions?

2. Do you know how to talk directly to that part of the brain?

3. How many seconds does it take for the prospect’s brain to make a final decision?

4. Why does the prospect’s brain make automatic and final decisions – before you even mention your products and services?

5. What word sequences will instantly turn off the “salesman alarm” in your prospect’s brain?

6. Why does the social proof connection to the survival program in our mindsoverride every part of your presentation?

7. What two sentences will pre-close your prospect, before you even begin your presentation?

In this three-hour workshop, you will learn:

* How to close easily with no rejection.
* How to avoid the “think it over” objection.
* SuperClosing.
* How to close to the subconscious mind.
* Three-way closes.
* Closing before the close.
* Higher level closing.
* Setting the prospect’s mind for success.
* And much, much more.

There are two types of distributors in the world:

1. Those that know exactly how to close their prospects, before the presentation ever begins, and

2. Those that suffer years of frustration, rejection, and embarrassment because they don’t understand what is really going on when they give a presentation.

Make sure to bring your entire downline. They can’t wait to learn the simple skills to make “closing” simple, easy, and fun. This is your chance to quickly jump to full-time income.

There is a small fee to attend this workshop (to help cover the cost of the meeting room.) Because seating is limited, please reserve your seat now. You can use the form below or the form on our main workshop page . If you need extra seats for your organization, please let us know. Or call us at +1 (281) 280-9800 to reserve your seat for this training.

Hope to see you there!


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mlm retention | success

mlm retention | success

mlm retention | success

mlm retention | success

mlm retention | success

Mlm retention is a true measure of your teams’ success.

How can one leader have three times the mlm retention than all the other leaders in the same company?

mlm retention | success 

The simple answer to the above question is to build people. This will ensure they grow and develop into leaders to build your business.  Michael Dlouhy says it best in his classic ebook success in ten steps. This is an excerpt from his ebook.

Keep Your People Or DIE!
To have a chance to build relationships and get that retention, you

1. Choose a company with consumable products that make a real difference in
the lives of your people and those they love. Network marketing is a relationship
business, and it’s also a TESTIMONIAL business. For your people
to be successful with word-of-mouth advertising, they need a strong testimonial
for the products they like.

2. Offer great value to the end user (and the value YOU offer includes much
more than just your products), which allows you to build a very attractive income.

3. Get to know your people. Learn what they really want. Help them formulate
their “WHY”. Do everything you can to make them feel so valued & cared for
that they’ll be forever loyal. Give them the personal attention, respect & admiration
they deserve.

If your people see you as a DM genius, you’re lost in space.
If they see you as a special, trusted friend
& confidante, you’re right on track.
Of course, there ARE DMers who do it right:

It is much easier to promote products that you like so make sure you are with a company that have great products. Once you have this then people will feel your enthusiasm. This is infectious and will give you a great deal of kudos as you begin to help them change their lives.

Formulating a why is so important. Given that so many people quit professional network marketing a nailed why can stop people from quitting. This will make them think twice and keep them going when the going gets tough.

Once you have team members or clients the best thing you can do is to listen to their needs and help them achieve their goals. Provide value through mentoring , personal development and just being there for them.

If you want to read more about how to improve your mlm retention and success then grab your own copy of success in 10 steps. It is free. All you have to do is click on the link and then provide some information so I can contact you and the ebook will be ready for you as soon as you press submit.

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new mlm clent | cold calling

new mlm client |cold calling

new mlm client |cold calling

new mlm clent | cold calling

new mlm clent | cold calling


Wow you have a new mlm client. Where is that script. I must remember the script. Practise saying it. Record it. I’ll call them tomorrow when I know the script for new clients off by heart.

You are new to this and the heart is racing  as you pick up the phone to make the call. The phone begins to ring the anxiety level builds. No answer where is the leave  a message script.  You left it on the kitchen table. Quick rush and get it. There, now you can leave your message. Too late the recording timer has  run out.

Does this scenario sound familiar? IF you are new to mlm or professional network marketing you can probably relate to this.  I’ll make your life easier.




Trying to remember scripts is like trying to remember your maths table way back in primary school. You have to go right back at one times five and work your way through to solve seven times five. Trying to memorise a script is the same. What happens if your new mlm client asks you a question and distracts you? Are you going to  be like those annoying telemarketers and ignore the question and just continue on with your script?


So how do you make the calls for your new mlm client?

The answer is complex. You need to learn some skills about communication. The biggest part of this is to learn to listen. When you can really listen to your clients, you have a head start on your opposition. Lets face it how many people really listen these days?


How do you learn to listen

Just by being focussed is a head start. But what if you had a crystal ball and you spoke your new client’s language? Would this make it easier to really listen to your clients? Of course it would. So how do you get this crystal ball?

Watch the video and let the master of communication tell you how to get your very own listening crystal ball.

Learn how to listen to your clients by downloading this free ebook.

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Big Mlm truths

Big Mlm truths

Hello and welcome to Big Mlm truths.

If you are looking to follow the footprints of success. Then you have landed on the right page.




loddy micucci
“Amazing! Discover your own breakthrough network marketing lead generation system you can use to boom ANY MLM business!”

“Learn the single most important thing you MUST do for network marketing success … but almost nobody does it!”


  • Promote YOURSELF! In MLM today, people join people, not some company or product. That’s why you need to learn to brand yourself – which makes you WAY more attractive as a Leader … a big key to your long-term success.

  • Readers are leaders! When you give away our ebook, you will attract the MLM warriors … people determined to build big in YOUR business.

  • MLM is a relationship business, not a sales business. Our“Success In 10 Steps” ebook is tailor-made for you to start the relationship-building process for a huge organization.

  • The Dark Side of MLM: What causes some people to waste tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and 5 or 10 or 20 years of their life … yet they STILL never have success? What you must do to avoid this fate is revealed in “Success In 10 Steps.”

  • You’ll learn insider secrets from 26 years in network marketing.You’ll get NO affiliate links. No companies are mentioned or promoted. It’s just the straight scoop. It’s free. It’s the perfect tool to generate a ton of qualified leads for YOU!

    I want to offer you a free gift. Click on the link and you will be taken to an opt in form to get your very own copy of the free ebook success in ten steps.

    If you are serious about building your Mlm business with  your company. AND I stress your company because no one will be looking to pitch you for their opportunity. This system will work fro you regardless  of what Mlm company you are in.

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online mlm system

online mlm system

online mlm system

online mlm system

online mlm system

One of my readers left a comment recently about how he was being asked to make a list of his family and friends for his marketing opportunity . This  is a very old traditional approach?

Most people will probably say well of course you would present the opportunity to your family and friends.

You want them to share in a brilliant way to become successful.  Your enthusiasm and excitement knows no rejection.

What’s wrong with family and friends?

The only thing wrong with promoting your opportunity to family and friends is the timing? Recently one of my clients told me a story of buying her daughter in law a place in her network marketing  opportunity as a gift. To cut along story short the daughter in law rejected the gift and was very irate for not being asked first.

If you subscribe to the theory that mlm and network marketing are about relationship building. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that because you already have a strong relationship with your family and friends then its fine to present your opportunity.

Tom Big Al Schreiter a legendary master network marketer clearly states that you are looking for volunteers.

This applies to family and friends as well.

Who will they blame if they are not successful?

With 95% of professional network marketers failing it is more than likely that your family and friends will be in that group.

So who do you think they will blame for their lack of success. Why that would be you. Yes you promissed them a miracle

and for whatever reason it didn’t happen so your name is mud.


Online mlm system

My famous mentor Michael Dlouhy says people fail but systems dont. In other words you cant duplicate a person but you can duplicate the system.

So if your online system is worth it’s salt with proper training and mentoring you should be able to succeed.

The beauty of it is you can leave your family and friends alone. You have the whole wide world to invite to your opportunity instead.


Success is in the system

If you have a proven online mlm system then it is easy to show how many people are succeeding. It’s no longer about you.

The system has a clear recipe to follow. This is what builds success. Once more if you learn to use it properly then you

will achieve success like many before you did. There is no more finger pointing. It’s not about you. Your clients lack of results

is not your fault. Usually it is because they have not followed the system closely.


Why not invite your family and friends to an opportunity with an online system?

This is a good question however you wont have to. Not only do you have many clients to choose from but when your family and friends

see your success they will chase you. That’s when you know the timing is right to present to your friends and family.


If you want more information about an online system then download the free ebook success in ten steps and I will contact you.

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Secret language of green personalities

Secret language for green personalities | Tom Big Al Schreiter

Secret language for Green personalities

Secret language of green personalities

Secret language of green personalities

So you know about Tom Big Al Schrieter and Michael Dlouhy’s colour training.

You know that people are made up of  various personality traits and that they have one major dominant one.

You are on the phone talking to a client and you work out that they are a green  personality. You know they are all about getting the facts and knowing the information.

So how can this help you now?

Well the first thing you can do is to let them know you have worked out their main personality quality. This creates surprise and curiosity within your client. It also opens a common point of discussion. You are also establishing your level of credibility. Suddenly you position yourself as an authority on communication.

Ok great now what!

Please remember here this is only a guide, don’t get sucked into using a script. Scripts don’t work! One script does not fit all. If you use a script you wont even be able to work out the personality of  the person. You will be to interested in making sure you follow the script. This means you don’t really hear what the client is saying. Your client will know that you have an agenda.

Green Personalities  love to have all the facts

Talk to them about all the pdf  information you have. They want it! If you are communicating via skype send them the links.

Send them the documents about your mentoring system.  Let them read the information and get them to highlight any questions or points of discussion

Tell them how they can study your free personal development program and submit lesson plans as well read everybody’s lessons.

Dont talk too much

Stop and listen with your  heart so you know what to say next.  Find out about your client and point them in the right direction as they voice their needs.

Don’t overwhelm them

Provide one or two resources or points that will help your client move forward.

Schedule a further appointment 

Make it clear that you are there to help them on their journey and prove it by scheduling a regular coaching call.

This begins your journey of building a relationship to success with your client.


If your system does not have the above training, it is time to seek out a system that does.


If you want to know more about the secret language of colours listen to the audio below.

personality colours

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Tom Big Al Schreiter| network marketing | sponsoring tips

Tom Big Al Schreiter| network marketing | sponsoring tips

Tom Big Al Schreiter| network marketing | sponsoring tips

Tom Big Al Schreiter| network marketing | sponsoring tips

Tom Big Al Schreiter| network marketing | sponsoring tips

Tom Big Al Schreiter| network marketing | sponsoring tips are about building self belief  to get the information from your head to your heart.

Tom Big Al Schreiter| network marketing | sponsoring tips create curiosity within the client to want to know more.


Tom Big Al Schreiter| network marketing | sponsoring tips rely on knowing how the subconscious mind works.

Learn skills to communicate with your clients

Tom Big Al Schreiter| network marketing | sponsoring tips most important tip is to learn good communication skills.

Skills that will have your clients leaning over and wanting to know more. He is very clear about removing the sales alarm when you approach clients.

No fire hosing.  Dont  overwhelm them with information. Let them raise their hands and ask for what you have to offer.


The above points are easy to say not so easy to do. People are very set in their ways and unless you understand their personality and can speak their language you will fail.

So in the free ebook success in ten steps on page 62you can begin your education about personality.

Find out who are suitable to do professional network marketing.

Is it the yellows with their nurturing team work nature?

Is it the redswith their leadership and organisational capabilities?

Is it the blues with their people skills and big picture thinking?

Is it the greens with their first for information and detail?

Once you know about the color personalities and can speak the language of your clients then you know what to say.


So make sure you use  Tom Big Al Schreiter| network marketing | sponsoring tips to build your team.

Dont forget to download the free ebook and start reading at page 62. The information is priceless.

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online mlm system built on love

online mlm system built on love

online mlm system built on love

online mlm system built on love

online mlm system built on love

online mlm system built on love is about caring and making a difference to the people you come into contact with.

All of the clients you speak to are important to somebody. They are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and people. This means that you cant treat them like a number!


“Love is the emblem of eternity; it confounds all notion of time; effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end.”

Germaine De St

Online mlm system built on love ensures that people are respected and not ripped off.

When you have a brilliant system people will begin to copy what you have. My great mentor Sarah Thompson who mentors from above us now put it very succinctly when she said that the system we are using can be copied on many levels. She went onto say that the one key ingredient that cannot be copied is that of love. This makes all other replicas of our system redundant.


“One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is love.”



Online mlm system built on love

Is about believing that your clients need to be treated with respect. Once they show their commitment and time to the process they are entitled to  real value. This is the best part of what our system offers. Upon making connection you receive your own personal guide and mentor to help you become successful. The person you download the free ebook  success in ten steps becomes your free personal coach, mentor and guide to assist you become successful in your business and life. Usually the match is made in heaven, because you would have been looking for this sort of guidance and assistance and it somehow magically appears. Go and figure!


Online mlm system built on love

Strongly endorses and believes in the mastermind principle to propel you and your business to the next level. You will be encouraged to become part of a global mastermind community for free. The community is designed to assist you to grow into the leader that you were meant to be. If you want to know more about this community read about it at online global mastermind post. The connections you make here will be invaluable for your growth. Not to mention the life long friends who have a common mindset who you will meet on this Journey.


“Listening is an attitude of the heart, a genuine desire to be with another which both attracts and heals.”

J. Isham

Online mlm system built on love 

Offers you free live and interactive training to help you become successful in your life and business. Three hours are devoted to communication. The key topic here is the art of listening to your clients. You are taught to hear and understand the language of your clients. Tom Big Al Schreiters colours training allows you to learn how to listen to your clients. Instantly you will know if the client is

a red personality the managerial organised bossy person,

a yellow personality the caring nurturing family oriented personality,

a blue personality the fun loving adventurous personality

or the green personality who needs all the fact s and figures.

Would knowing this make a differencing to the conversations you will be having? How powerful is it to let somebody know that you are really listening and that you care?


How do you find out more about this online mlm system built on love? Shoot me a message or a comment and I will plug you into the system.


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Can knowing colour personality types reduces stress at Christmas

knowing colour personality types reduces stress at Christmas

Can knowing colour personality types reduces stress at Christmas?

Can knowing colour personality types reduces stress at Christmas

Can knowing colour personality types reduces stress at Christmas

How can knowing colour personality types reduces stress at Christmas time?

Knowing colour personality types reduces stress at Christmas in many ways.

When it’s time to organise the big celebration you could assign different roles to your family members that fit with their personality colour.

If you have a red personalty in the family they like to be in charge. So get them to start organising everybody’s role.

They would be in charge of coordinating and making sure that everybody is on task.

If you have a green personality in the family they like the facts and figures. So get them to work out the budget for the whole celebration. They will research the information and save you money.

If you have a yellow personality in the family they like to be everybody’s friend and make sure that everybody is happy. So get them to work on the invitations and deciding how to keep everybody happy. A good idea would be to get them to organise how the gifts are going to be shared.


If you have a blue personality in the family they like to have fun and see the big picture quickly. So get them to work out the entertainment for the celebration. This will really liven up the party!

This will cover the whole planning for your celebration and give everybody a role according to how knowing colour personality types reduces stress at Christmas.

If you don’t have all the personality types in your family or too many of one colour, then it’s about team work. Share out the roles according to the best personalities for the jobs.

The actually celebration can also be enhanced by knowing colour personality types reduces stress at Christmas.

Imagine if you had all blue personalities at your Christmas celebrations, I can  see a party with lots of action and entertainment.

Imagine if you had all yellow personalities at your Christmas celebrations, I can see activities that would require team work and having great times with friends and families. Such as relieving old photos videos and playing some team games.

Imagine if you had all green personalities, I can see a celebration with lots of detailed information to absorb. Organise a treasure hunt with clues and let them figure it out.

Imagine if you had all red personalities at your Christmas celebrations, I can see activities that have one winner. Let them go head to head and see who ends up the winner.

Of course no one Christmas celebration is going to be made of just once colour personality. So you probably need a variety of activities to cater for everybody.

Variety is the spice of life after all.

Loddy Micucci

skype loddy.micucci

cell 61 0437742108


If you want to know more about personality colours,please  click on the link here  and you will read about all of the characteristics that make up each personality colour.



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Tom Big Al Schreiter Personality Colors training

Tom Big Al Schreiter personality colors training information provides you with a crystal ball.

Tom Big Al Schreiter personality colors training gives you the posture and control that you require when talking to your clients.

Want to hear a story about Tom Big Al Schreiter Personality Colors training? It might make you successful in professional Network Marketing, it might not!

Most of the people that use Tom Big Al Schreiter Personality Colors training accurately become successful.

So are you ready to be part of most of the people?

Here are really useful charts on the personality types and their strengths and weaknesses:

1. Tom Big Al Schreiter Personality Colors Training PDF





Imagine talking to a green personality and you are able to tell them all of this about them.


Your strengths: • You are very organized and very accurate. • You’re an amazing planner. • You’re a great problem-solver. • You always finish what you start. • You’re a loyal friend. • You’re very intelligent. • You don’t want a boss, you don’t want anyone telling you what to do. • You have a long runway. It takes you a long time to make a decision, but once you make it, you stick with it. And you can always devise a system to get you there. You are great at follow-thru. You have some weaknesses: • You’re uncomfortable sharing your feelings. Relationships are hard for you both in personal life & business. • You don’t want to ever make a mistake, so you over-analyze things. You’ve lost a ton of money because you do so much analysis, it seems like you never make a decision. • You tend to be suspicious of people and often very critical. For instance, right now you’re probably thinking that some of what I say is accurate and some of it is WAY off-base. It’s very important for you to be right, which means the people around you very often have to be wrong. OK. There are 3 things I see that could make a big difference in your success & happiness. Before I get to that, how is the accuracy of the evaluation so far? 3 things that could make a big difference to you: • Get good at building relationships with other people. To do that, you need to learn to listen to people. That one skill would change your life – becoming a good listener. • Start making quick decisions. Tune in to your gut feeling. Just go with it sometimes. If it turns out to be wrong, then change direction. But at least you’ll be in action instead of forever analyzing everything • The words you speak are critical, because you speak your reality into existence. When you say negative things, you actually put those things in your life. That’s why you’re unhappy so often. So just be aware of it. Train yourself not to say negative stuff.

Imagine talking to a yellow personality and you are able to tell them all of this about them.


Your strengths: • It’s not about the money for you. You don’t care how many cars & stereos & TVs somebody has. It’s about family & friends & relationships. The purpose of money is how you use it to help others. • You’re patient with people, you’re a team player, and you’re very dependable. • When people are phony, you see it immediately. • You are open with your feelings. • You are optimistic. • You are relaxed & comfortable in your body. • If you have kids, you are a great parent. • People love you, because you’re a great listener and you’re so nurturing. • Because people love you, you have the ability in business to build a huge organization. You have some weaknesses: • You’re very sensitive; at times, you take things too personally, you get hurt by other people, and sometimes that stops you completely in your tracks from doing whatever you want to do. • You always put others first – you do what they want. And some people take advantage of you. • You don’t set goals, so sometimes it’s hard for you to see what you’ve achieved, and because of that, you often struggle with believing in yourself. OK. There are 4 things I see that could make a big difference in your success & happiness. Before I get to that, how is the accuracy of the evaluation so far? 4 things that could make a big difference to you: • You need to learn how to not take it personally when someone says “No” to you or when someone offers “constructive criticism.” . • A friend of mine has a plaque on his wall that says, “It’s none of my business what other people think of me.” That would be perfect for you. • You need to learn to be more assertive in dealing with other people, so they don’t take advantage of you. • Make a list of the 25 things you want most in life, plan how you’ll achieve them, and mark them off your list as you get them. Becoming more goaloriented will really help you be happier & more successful.

Imagine talking to a blue personality and you are able to tell them all of this about them.


Your strengths: • You see the big picture immediately. You can make decisions with very little information. • You are a people-magnet. People love you because you’re energetic, enthusiastic, motivating, convincing. • You’re creative. Your mind goes a mile a minute. • You are a social animal, the life of the party • #1 on your list is to have fun. • You love excitement, and you love to travel. • You’re an excellent promoter. • You’re a natural salesperson. You have some weaknesses: • You probably have sticky notes & post-it notes all over the place. You tend to be un-organized, and not so good on follow-up. You could accomplish a lot more if your life had more structure. • You find it hard to focus on one thing for very long. You’re always looking for excitement, so you change directions a lot, which means you don’t stay with one thing long enough to have huge success. • You’re happiest when you’re in a group of people, and you tend to talk a lot then, and sometimes other people feel left out when you’re doing all the talking. OK. There are 3 things I see that could make a big difference in your success & happiness. Before I get to that, how is the accuracy of the evaluation so far? 3 things that could make a big difference to you: • Most important – you need to learn to listen, not talk. You’re such an exciting person – if you were also a good listener, people would stand in line to be around you. • In business, you need to make a decision and stick with it. You need a system to keep you organized and to force you to follow up, or you’ll always struggle. Follow-up is where the fortune is. • When you’re building a group or organization of any kind, you need to connect with detail-oriented people. You provide the vision, and they can put it together for you.

Imagine talking to a red personality and you are able to tell them all of this about them.


Your strengths: • You’re an amazing producer. • You are the best negotiator. • You have great energy. • You’re a risk-taker, a leader. • You’re very confident. • You take action. • You’re independent. You’ll just take right off and start doing it. You have some weaknesses: • You have a big ego. You think you’re always right. That’s a problem when you deal with other people because they’ll never give you their best performance because they resent you. • You are not a team player. People will work with you because you’re successful, but they’re always looking for someone else they can get along with better. • The toughest problem you have is, you’re unteachable. The only time you can ever learn from anyone else is when you’ve had your butt kicked, you’re down on the ground, almost dead. When you finally get there, THEN you are coachable. OK. There are 2 things I see that could make a big difference in your success & happiness. Before I get to that, how is the accuracy of the evaluation so far? 2 things that could make a big difference to you: 1. Most important – you need to learn to stop talking and start listening. 2. Learn to understand and value other people.

Well the best I can do for you is to let you hear it for yourself.

Click on the audio link and find out how you can talk to the four personality types.

The audio is actually recorded by mentoring for free and hosted by Richard Dennis, however the colors training is adapted from

Tom Big Al Schreiter personality colors training:

1. Tom Big Al Schreiter Personality Colors Training PDF

Do yourself a favour and Listen to the call.



Listen to Tom Big Al’s reason for recommending success in ten steps. He endorses the book because at page 62 it has his colors training in it.

Loddy Micucci

skype loddy.micucci

cell +61 0437742108



Do yourself a favour and study Tom Big Al Schreiter Personality Colors training and you will be on your way to being a successful professional network marketer.



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Read this classic with the free global live interactive mastermind system.

Global live interactive mastermind system| imagination

The global live interactive mastermind system studies one chapter at a time of Napoleon ‘Hill’s classic “think and grow rich.

Read this classic with the free global live interactive mastermind system.

The global live interactive mastermind system participants read and listen to the chapter.

The global live interactive mastermind system participants read the lessons posted by fellow members.

The participants then write their own lesson about the chapter and post it for others to read it.

The global live interactive mastermind system participants are encouraged to read as many posts as possible to enrich their understanding of the chapter.

The rubber meets the road on Wednesday at 3.00pm and again at 8.00pm United States Eastern time when the global live interactive mastermind system participants read and discus the brilliant lessons submitted.

The energy is amazing and the aha moments flow thick and fast. The global live interactive mastermind system participants reveal their deepest secrets in a safe, harmonious environment. This makes it incredible and allows people to dig deep and grow into the person that God meant them to be.

The global live interactive mastermind system read and discussed

The Fifth Step toward Riches

The imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans
created by man. The impulse, the DESIRE, is given shape, form, and
ACTION through the aid of the imaginative faculty of the mind.

It has been said that man can create anything which he can imagine.’

This is my contribution to the global live interactive mastermind system for CHAPTER 6 on imagination.

Loddy writes:
Lately I have become keenly aware of my sixth sense. It’s like I’m getting hunches and inspirations all the time.

Some are more powerful than others. In the past they would have been about some tragic event or something unpleasant.

In the past I would have shut them out and ignored them. In the now I am listening and figuring out that it’s my
sixth sense growing stronger and guiding me.

Wow, it seems like I’m beginning to finally slow down my mind and discover the clarity and vibration to tap into this
once dormant ability of using my sixth sense. Is this creative imagination? No I don’t believe it is.
My sixth sense is providing the ideas and inspiration.

I now must use my imagination to take these ideas and guide them to grow arms and legs so they can take on a passion of their own.

In the past and I’ll stop talking about the past after this sentence, I would have given up after one of my ideas reached a road block. So I was actually resisting any further guidance and inspiration from my sixth sense.
I would get discouraged because I was of not able to carry the hunches out successfully.

In the now I use my imagination to steer around the road blocks. This has enabled me to clear the way for more
inspirations from the sixth sense and a heightening of my imagination to solve problems.

I have a good story about my sixth sense you might be interested you might not?

When Tom Big Al Schreiter visited Melbourne myself and Graham Smith, had been chatting about having dinner with Tom. We were wanting to get to know him a little bit and ask him some tough questions about our unique situation for our business in Melbourne.

On the night of Tom’s visit I decided I had plenty of time, so I thought that I would earn some money by tutoring one of my students.

In the back of my mind a little voice said you should go in early. I ignored it and went and earned some money.

I guess you can figure out what happened, yes I missed out on the dinner. I still really enjoyed Tom’s presentation, however I have been kicking myself ever since.

At least Graham had dinner with Tom and asked some of the questions I would have asked.

That particular event made me realize the importance of listening to that little voice and to act upon what it says when you are fortunate enough to receive a message.

Now I am exercising my imagination so that I can create a path for my ideas and inspiration to see the light of day.

If I persist and have faith that this will in fact take place then I am sure my why will be attainable.

When we read this chapter I always think of the song
Imagine from John Lennon. I was playing around with some
of the words to see if I could make them fit into a professional
network marketing theme.

I had fun doing it I thought you might like reading them.
I’m not sure how you would sing it?

Imagine there’s no Hype
It’s easy if you try
No scams below us
Above us only whys
Imagine all the people
Living in the now!

Imagine there’s no scammers
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to bill or lie for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Owning their Lives

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be free

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or ego
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only critical thinking one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

Love you all.
Loddy Micucci
cell 61 0437742108
skype loddy.micucci

If you want to get involved in this global live interactive mastermind system click on the link and get your free ebook and mentor who will guide you through the process. Oh I forgot to mention it’s all for free!

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