Taking action leads to success

Taking action leads to success because it separates those who make up excuses with those who take the bull by thorns and just go for it.

Having a great idea is brilliant but what does it take to see this idea into the success that you envisage?

Napoleon Hill in “think and grow rich” states that very successful people decide quickly in the knowledge that the how will take care of itself.

Once you have made your decision it’s imperative that you take action. What action, hopefully the action that will lead you towards your end goal. If it doesn’t then you will find a way to correct your course. At least that is better than doing nothing.

Indecision and doubt  

Taking action leads to success

Taking action leads to success

Not taking action makes it difficult to believe in your decision. Procrastination will set in followed closely by doubt and fear. Once you have created these unfriendly allies it is difficult to shake them off.

Take Action 

Back your decision with action and have faith in your ability to achieve your goal. If you make decisions based on this principle you cant go wrong because you are backing you to see it through. The only thing that will be able to stop you is you!

Allow success to be attracted to you

Luck seems to go the way of those who are prepared to back themselves in at all costs. It’s like the universe is ready to pay the price for the person who really desires something very badly in their life. Magically situations and people that you need to succeed appear in your life. The amazing part of this is that they have always been there. Suddenly because of your desire to succeed you can see them. Of course seeing them and taking action are poles apart because if you still do nothing it was all for nought.

The best advice I can give you on this is to take action and see where it takes you. Strap yourself in for the ride in the knowledge that you can deal with any situation that presents itself. I say this with a warning however  because due diligence is required. You cant just blindly take action. If you do you could be setting yourself up to fall.

Write your comments below about how you felt when you made a real decision and took action.

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