Tell your mlm stories for success pdf

Tell your mlm success story pdf

Tell your mlm success story pdf

What is it about stories that resonate with people. I can see you leaning forward as you read the word story.

A good yarn

Is telling a story a culmination of some warm and fuzzy moments. When your grand dad or father sat you down by the fireside and began with the words well son or daughter I remember a time when and proceed to tell you something that was passed on to them.  Is this why the stories have the capacity to impact our subconscious mind?

That heightened state of expectation and awe as your parents or significant adult reveal their inner secrets and experiences. Stories are the language of magic and adventure so your subconscious mind leans forward as you lean forward and it waits in anticipation. So it makes perfect sense to tell somebody important information through a story.

As a school teacher I remember the glaring eyes of the children as I read them a picture story book. They were even more captivated and transfixed when I was able to tell them of my adventures of being aboard a big ocean liner.  I told them my story of migrating to Australia with my family.

Connecting with stories

Telling a good story reveals a little bit of who you are and allows  you to connect with your audience. This builds like know and trust. Like know and trust is an essential component of tell your mlm stories for success pdf . It will have your clients leaning forward and wanting to know more. Once you have them leaning forward you have made a connection.


How do you tell stories?

Learning to tell stories is as easy going back through your life and choosing things that you have experienced to weave into a good story. If you think a little creatively you can make your clients see the opportunity you saw when you joined your mlm opportunity.

Click on the audio link to find out more about telling a good story.

Tell your mlm success story

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