The 8th Wonder of the World Residual Income.

The 8th Wonder of the World Residual Income

The 8th Wonder of the World Residual Income


You profit from the product purchases & sales of everyone in your group.

If you are with a five pillar company that has stood the test of time then this residual income will continued to be paid to your children’s children. So here is the low down about the 8th wonder of the world residual income.


Nothing is more important to your financial future than the “residual income” concept. Let’s dig into it a bit. To qualify for a paycheck, you must purchase X amount of product each month.

When you sponsor someone, you get monthly commissions on THEIR product purchases, for as long as they re-order. To increase your monthly income, just add NEW distributors to your organization. You also profit on your ENTIRE group’s purchases. Once you’ve built a big group, most of your income comes from the work of others. (Which beats the heck out of an hourly wage and ZERO income when you don’t work!)

An MLM home based business pays into the future for work you did in the past. As you help your people build their own organizations,

YOUR income grows.

Which means there’s a HUGE incentive to your sponsor to help YOU succeed, since they get a percentage of the sales in your group. So to be successful fastest, align yourself with a group that provides a turnkey plan for the crucial elements of building your business:

1. Lead Generation

2. Prospect follow-up

3. Sponsoring

4. Training your reps to do exactly the same thing.


The best part is that you can all work together and individually your efforts are not limited by the person who sponsored you. It is possible for you to be paid what you are worth. The beauty of it is that in this system your sponsor will encourage and promote everything that you do. It’s in their best interest to help you win all the sponsoring awards available.

They will benefit and their residual income potential will sky rocket.

I can see them shaking their hands.

In traditional business in most cases the boss likes to stay superior to everybody else. However in mlm and professional network marketing your sponsor is keen to promote the enthusiastic go getter.


It’s a no brainer do the work so you can benefit forever or just keep working forever? Make sure you align yourself with an opportunity that will allow you to build the 8th wonder of th e world residual income.

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