The brain | thoughts

The brain has negative, positive, positive negative thoughts. These thoughts are continually swapping and changing inside your brain.

brain| thoughts

brain| thoughts

It really takes work to take control of how you think.

Knowing what your thoughts are is a good starting point. The problem is that just

knowing about your thoughts does not clear out the junk and baggage accumulated

over many years.

This is indeed a process. I work hard on saying my self talk. Sometimes it really

works while on other occasions it seems like I am just going through the motions.

When I go through the motions I know it’s not  working and negative thoughts creep into my mind.

The brain is capable of picking up vibrations from other brains as energy is passed out into the ether.  

This means that the environment you are in impacts on your thinking. If you are in an emotionally charged environment full of negative thoughts then your brain is picking up that negative energy.

This would account for my inability to be in a positive state of mind as often as I want to. The people around me

have a job mentality. Delayed gratification and building something to pay for my children’s children is fanciful to them.

They shake their heads and wander what in the blazes I am doing?

The only solution is to seek out like minded individuals.

People who have dreams and believe they can achieve all of the things they set their mind to achieve.

This would be where the positive energy is generated. Life is definitely worth living on that side of the stream.

It’s amazing but we do have the choice to either plug into negativity or the positive channel.

So I am spending my time plugging  into the powerful positive energy emitted by this amazing collection of positively charged brains.

I thank you for your posts and inspiration.

Love you all

Loddy Micucci.


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