The Law Of Attraction

What is an attitude of gratitude

What is an attitude of gratitude

So you have read The Secret and watched the Dvd.

You understand the process of asking for something and believing without a shadow of doubt that you will receive it. The how it will come about is not your domain it will be revealed to you as your level of consciousness and awareness grows.

Armed with this information you begin to dabble in the process of being able to manifest things to you.

You begin by asking the universe for abundance in health, finances and love.

Unfortunately for you the things you get are a complete opposite to what you asked for.

It does work!

The Law Of Attraction does work but how do you get it working for you and not against you?

The energy level and the vibration you are emitting is on different wave length to what it is you are asking for.

This makes sense because all of your life you have been surrounded by constant messages of how hard it is to have abundance in your life.

This begins from a very young age. The message about working hard to just keep your head above water is reinforced over and over again by your friends, family and unsuspecting teachers who have bought into the same belief system.

Your subconscious mind has thousands of these messages stored away and you come along and just expect it to throw it all out.

Who do you think you are?

What is this absurd notion that you can just ask for something and receive it?

The logic is just not possible!

What if everybody just ran around asking for things and presto they appeared. Where would they come from and how can everybody just have what they wanted?

You see it makes sense that you are receiving the opposite to what you are asking for because you don’t really believe it is possible. This creates the mixed messages and results you are seeing.

It’s really amazing because some people who don’t really understand the law of attraction yet become obsessed with  something get what they ask for.

It is working all the time just like the law of gravity. You don’t need to understand it.

However if you do and you learn how to master it and use it at will then your life can become your master piece.

You become the architect of your dream life.

So what about all that built up baggage?

Gratitude, and more gratitude!

Be grateful for what you have. Say thank yo as often as you can. This will begin to get you in tune with what you really want.

At first you will begin to feel an inner peace and you will begin to look at your situation differently. It’s staggering how many things yo will find to be thankful for.

This will begin to trigger a shift in your attitude and energy.

Good Luck at manifesting abundance into your life.

Keep at it don’t give up!


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