The mlm leader | Michael Dlouhy

The online mlm leader | Michael Dlouhy

The online mlm leader | Michael Dlouhy

The mlm leader | Michael Dlouhy is an insomniac! How can he sleep and achieve everything that he does? He definitely never sleeps or he has invented a time machine.

Michael Dlouhy’s list of achievements as a leader

  • leads by example
  • listens carefully
  • tells it like it is
  • author of many books, including the free ebook success in ten steps.
  • number one presidential rating in his network marketing company
  • family man
  • loving husband
  • mentor to thousands
  • friend
  • founder of Mentoring For Free
  • founder of 30 day mental cleanse free personal development
  • reads every post in the mental cleanse forum
  • great speaker
  • still growing and learning
  • Creating a new book on the Power Of The Mind
  • Still finds time to go on company cruises to inspire others.
I rest my case with all of these achievements that he is currently working on and developing continually how can he find time to sleep.
Michael is a predominantly a blue personality. This means he processes information quickly and sees the big picture immediately. He loves fun, excitement and people. This all holds him in good stead for the incredible journey he is on, of making a positive difference for many people.

Michael is passionate about personal development. His amazing 30 day mental cleanse course is changing lives. He clearly points out that this is how he learned to focus and channel his energy into becoming the person he is.

People are drawn to Michael and his vision of teaching people how to think not what to think. When people can learn to do this they become critical  thinkers. His vision is to have a world of critical thinkers who can attract the lives they want to themselves.


Get to know Michael.

Michael’s classic ebook success in ten steps will give you are real insight into how he became successful entrepreneur. Do yourself a favour download the ebook success in ten steps. Click on the link and enter your name, email address and phone number. The ebook is free. I will call you and discuss it and eventually give you the opportunity have a coaching call with Michael.

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