The past and your subconscious mind

Our whole is existence is built up of many situations.

We are affected in many different ways and the results of those experiences are stored up in your subconscious mind.

If you have been unconsciously allowing things to be stored away then you are  at the mercy of all those memories.

The good news is that you can control what you store away.

This means that whatever situation you are faced with, your conscious mind can determine how much effect it will have on you.

If your lens is about allowing all the negative things build up over time then you will have a storage of of negativity. This will affect how you tackle new situations and this becomes unnecessary baggage for you.

It clouds your thinking towards seeing the negatives in everything.

On the flip side of this is a person who can see possibilities in everything. This person has learnt to store away positive experiences into their subconscious mind.

They will react with confidence and resilience towards new situations.

The best news of all is that you can begin today to change what has been stored away over time.

It begins with becoming aware of your thoughts. be the awarness behind your thoughts

Eckhart Tolle tells us that you are not your thoughts. You are the awareness behind your thoughts. When you use this awareness to scrutinize your thoughts you begin to take control of what is stored away.

You can actually manufacture what enters the storage compartment by repeating a message over and over into your subconscious mind. In other words you can trick it to accept what it is that you want.

So if you have lived your life accepting that life is hard and that everything will be hard work for you to be successful then you have probably led such a life. You see this is the message that you have allowed to become your mantra.

It is time to change it.

Begin telling yourself that you are intelligent and that everything that you attempt will work out just right. It will take repetition and time to change the previous programming but now you armed with something that will make your life much better.

It’s your choice accept what you have unconsciously allowed through to make up who you are, or begin to create the new you from now?

You will have to begin to make changes in your life.

Remove negativity.

Delete negative people.

Develop an awareness of how you think and respond in certain situations.

See yourself as someone who is intelligent and can make things work out just right.

Continually feed this message to your subconscious  mind.

It takes work you will need to say it out loud and believe what you say with real emotion and faith 200 to 300 times each day.

Early morning and before you go to bed at night are the best times for your subconscious mind to register this information.

Please remember that you have to undo all the years of previous programming. So be patient and consistent and you will begin to witness your life changing before your eyes.

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