Well the power of self talk was having an impact on me.

The power of self talk

The power of self talk energised my day! I got funny looks as I talked to myself while walking my dog. It didn’t seem to matter. It was like I had  tunnel vision and the looks could not penetrate my concentration. I could focus on my tasks a lot better  and get them done properly.

So what had changed all I was doing was saying a positive self talk that went something like this ” I love myself and I am worthy of success. I am having fun building the biggest most profitable network marketing organisation in history. And I will leave a legacy for my children and their children.” I didn’t know it at the time but I was in fact removing negativity from my thought processes.

The power of self talk was redirecting my thoughts and tuning  into the radio frequency of the positive channel. This was only the beginning. Could the power of self talk become even stronger? I cast your mind back to the first email I received when I began my journey of self discovery.

For those  of you that have not read that post you will find it by clicking on this link.
Well that email said that I had to block out negative thoughts for 30 days. As I recall, I had done some of the things stated in the email such as not reading the newspaper, not listening to talk back radio and staying away from negative people. However I was still watching tv and not drinking enough water. So the power of self talk was not as intense as it could be.

Then it all clicked for me. I was on a training call and one of my mentors Ken Klemm was speaking about this very subject. He went onto say that it is important to follow the process exactly as outlined in the first email. Drinking plenty of water was helping our brain to build new pathways to accommodate  the new knowledge that we were taking in. He went on to say that we need to block out all negativity for 30 days as this is how long it takes for a habit to form. Wow, so I suddenly realised that I was only paying lip service to the process.

So from that day on I ensured that the tv was off, or I was some where else when it was on. In most cases I would be reading a good book when I had any free time. The impact of these two minor changes was very powerful indeed. Suddenly, the power of self talk was unleashed to its full strength. I was walking around belting out my self talk with passion and feeling and repeating  it at least two hundred times a day.

I must have been vibrating at a much higher frequency. For suddenly things began to happen. Strangers would smile at me and strike up a conversation. There was always a parking space right in front of my destination. My decision making was clear and without doubt.

However the real evidence of  the power of self talk hit home when my lesson on the chapter of sex transmutation was chosen to be read on our weekly calls. It was as if Michael Dlouhy the founder of the mental cleanse program had also picked up on my new found energy level.

This was exciting and also daunting I had to read my lesson to a global audience? Was I ready for this. I now realise what I did! I diffused the power of self talk. I have just clearly written down that I began to doubt my ability to read my lesson to a global mastermind group.

Wow, writing this story has just opened my eyes as to why I wasn’t ready to embrace the new person I was becoming at the time!
Tomorrow’s post will be about using the energy or the memory of sex transmutation to vibrate at a higher frequency.

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