The Power of stories| Your life

The power of stories | your life

The power of stories | your life

The power of stories in your life can become a tremendous advantage for you in your mlm business.

Everybody has stories to tell.

Once you get into the habit of become good at telling stories your life experiences  will be a constant source of information for you.

 Listen to the audio below and discover how to do this.

stories in your life.

Why use your stories in your advertising campaigns?

Your stories a part of who you are. You will be putting out your own unique brand that cannot be duplicated.

It will build no like and trust with your audience.

People remember stories.

There is something in our programming which has us leaning forward when we hear a good story.

It captures people’s attention.

They see themselves as the main protagonist in the story.

It becomes your most valuable way of letting others see what you can see.

More and more advertising is centered around story telling for the above reasons.

Test this out when you are talking to your clients.

When you are promoting your products or business opportunity. Tell your client a story of what happened to you. Let me tell you a story about what happened to me.

I used to lack energy and not sleep well during the night. I tried many things until a friend of mine suggested product x.  Two weeks after using product X  I was sleeping like a baby. Do you know anybody who would benefit from a product like that?

Have fun with this tell your story in many different ways.

Be creative.




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