The right time to change your decision

The right time to change your decision

The right time to change your decision

When is the right time to change your decision?

Is there are right time to change your decision?

We are informed by Napoleon Hill that successful people make up their minds quickly and change their decisions slowly. It’s almost like being stubborn and arrogant towards change itself.

Is there another layer to this? Does recognizing the correct decision also play a large part in all of this? When and how do you know that you are making the right decision and headed in the right direction?

Here lies the paradox. It is all about who you are and what your instincts tell you. You alone can gauge if the decision you have made is right for you.

You see this takes real courage, because you will bombarded by a million reasons as to why you should stick at your decision. Your programming of making sure that you don’t make any mistakes will kick in. You will analyse and over analyse as to why you should stay put.

It is better to be with the devil you know and don’t jump out of the frying pan into the fire are sayings that come to mind here.

You have a built in program that is all about survival.  You are taught not to be the first at doing things because we are putting ourselves out there and could take a huge fall.

If everybody adopted this philosophy would we be able to fly from one country to another in the matter of hours today?

The real influencers  and change artists are the ones who have moved away from the herd and followed their instincts to get the job done.

They had to back their instincts under a great deal of duress and follow through with the decision they believe will be right for them.

My personal experience of the right time to change your decision have been flash points in my life. I waited until things got really bad such as my teaching job becoming a job of  love to a job of drudgery. I waited far too long before making a decision to change and work for myself.

If I continued in teaching I would have been frustrated and miserable. Not to mention the negative impact I would have made on my students.

Luckily my instincts kicked in and said enough it is time to move on. So at the age of 53 it was time to venture forward into a new career.

I have not looked back or regretted my decision.


In hindsight the right time to change your decision is when your feelings tell you it’s time for something else to do.

When you are  no longer enjoying or feeling satisfied about you current decision it is time to change your decision.


Don’t suffer in silence have the courage to move on when you feel it is time to change your decision.

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