The science of self talk

the science of self talk

the science of self talk

Our self talk can reprogram our brains!

Isn’t this flipping amazing!

When we truly believe with all our heart and every ounce of our being
that what we are saying to ourselves over and over again is our reality.

This raises the  energy level required to allow  our brains to comprehend
and act on our burning desires, through the fuel and passion of our self talk.

Chapter two on desire reveals the inescapable truth.

Your desire cannot be a whim, a wish, a hope it needs to be  definite!
When you think you have this, think again!

Blaire Napoleon Hill’s son never doubted for one minute that he would
hear like a normal person. His self talk was planted in his brain by his
father from a very early age.  He grew up with many years of failure
and frustration, yet he somehow managed to hang onto his positive
self talk of being able to hear like a normal person. If at any time
Blair and his family doubted this and allowed negativity to take hold,
Blaire’s life would have been reduced to that of a death mute.
Imagine how tragic that would have been for the whole world.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Willena for her experiments on self talk.

Then along comes David Haynes and spells out very bluntly how stupid and
gullible our subconscious mind is.

Mix this with Oliver’s deep lesson about the pleasure and pain syndrome and
it’s significance to our conditioning and the way we think.

Roisin trumps in with optimism and hope and suddenly my mind says ‘hey you need
to believe that you have already achieved your self talk’!

Let’s give that a try, so instantly I am no longer trying to build the biggest most profitable
organization instead I am reaping the rewards of building the biggest most profitable organization
in the history of professional network marketing.

Man that feels good it’s no longer  a struggle I am enjoying the rewards and the fruit of our labor.
I can feel the passion and the energy level as I belt out each sentence of my self talk.

Suddenly there is no conflict between my subconscious mind and my conscious mind. My brain has
appreciated the clarity of the huge work our mastermind group is achieving. It is rewarding on
many different levels.
I have seen the power of the lives being changed right before my eyes and it is just the beginning.

The amazing part is that it’s not just about me, I am only a small but significant part of the whole

I know longer need to worry about whether I am worthy enough to belong. I am already reaping the
rewards of helping to build something that is bigger than all of us.

It feels wonderful and my gullible subconscious mind agrees.

Once the subconscious mind agrees it will set out to provide hunches and inspiration to help us manifest our burning desires.

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