The spider web approach to mlm

The spider web approach to mlm

The spider web approach to mlm

The spider web approach to mlm is about weaving an intricate web to your mlm marketing campaigns.

In this post I would to give you an insight into how out team market our mlm opportunity.

Picture this a totally committed group all working together to achieve success for themselves and each other.


The blog is the central hub of the marketing campaign, This is where we use key word research and search engine optimization to provide value for our readers. This is crucial to our success because it gives our clients the information they are looking for.

The mastermind at work

We have a mastermind call each and every week. During these sessions we refine and extend our marketing campaigns. It always produces new and creative ways to expand what we a re currently doing. I guess you could say this is the power of the mastermind at work.

Online campaign

We work extensively online utilising using no cost or low cost methods to market our opportunity.A campaign looks like this we first do our keyword research. Lets say we are trying to generate leads and the keywords are mlm prospects. Once we have established our key words. We will write a series of posts about the key words.

These posts will all be linked together through anchor text pointing to a main page. The main page is the very best of our posts. In doing this we promote our main post and watch it move up the google ranking. If you want proof of this in action google  mlm prospects and you will see our leader Robert Klinga dominating page one for the key words mlm prospects.

Facebook and fan pages

We produce  a fan page related to the key words. This also provide power to our main page.Finally we all promote each others work in facebook groups. This has a very powerful effect because it carries high credibility with facebook and the readers. Taking the time to promote somebody elses work indicates high quality.

Rejection Free and global. 

The process is rejection free and attracts a global audience. We can do it from the comforts of our home even though we are scattered all around the world. We use skype conference calls for this.It is very duplicatable.  It costs next to nothing apart from resources that will help with keyword research.
If we require these we always look at a one off payment structure and a product that provides real value and has a low cost.

Want to know more?
The secret is in the mastermind approach. This is a big part of our ongoing personal development of growth and discovery. Once you set up a harmonious mastermind group the ideas and inspiration flow thick and fast.

In conclusion I have given you a very superficial view of  the spider web approach to mlm our group uses.
If you want to know more claim your free gift at the bottom of this post. It will be a valuable resource for you and I will contact you to discuss our approach.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

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