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The spirit of a leader mlm pdf report is written to remind you of what it takes to lead.

How do people transcend from following to leading?

the spirit of a leader mlm pdf report

the spirit of a leader mlm pdf report

Most people are taught to follow and conform to being a follow.

Usually it’s the rebels who create problems and challenge the system that become leaders.

Why do they become leaders?

The rebels take control and show they are not scared of upsetting others. This tends to have people gravitate towards them.

Sometimes this is seen as standing up for yourself and following through with the principles you live by.

The first encounter with your mlm opportunity.

When you first get involved with network marketing and mlm you are bombarded with information.

  • life changing products if its a nutrition company
  • compensation plans
  • upline
  • downline
  • fast start
  • meetings
  • company literature and history
  • policies and procedures

The list can seem endless.

Then the biggest curly question that hits you straight smack in the forehead is that you will be building your own team.

This requires leadership.

So how can the spirit of a leader in mlm pdf report assist you  grow into a leader?

Here are some tips.

  1. Work hard to become a good follower because they make the best leaders, not the rebels who challenge everything.
  2. Identify good leaders within your organisation.
  3. Study what they do.
  4. Follow their footsteps.
  5. Connect with them.


Within any team their will be good operators and not so good operators.

Identify what sets them apart. Is it communication?

Is it that they listen to others?

Is it they follow through with their promises?

Is it that they lead by example?

Is it that everybody trusts them?

Do they have charisma?

Do they look like they were born to lead?

Please remember it’s not a popularity contest, having said that leaders do want to be popular. When you begin  to analyse the above questions honestly you will see that the good leaders exhibit many of the qualities you were asking questions about.

Make a note of who they are, stalk them from a safe distance and learn everything about them. 

Keep a portfolio of how they interact and the way they make decisions.

This can be very beneficial to your development as a leader.

Put into practice some of the things you like, to fit in with who you are.

It will be impossible to be the exact replica of the person you admire. The best you can hope to achieve is to take the best of what the leader does and incorporate it into your own personal style.

This last one about connecting with them is very important.

Dont feel like they are on a pedestal that you will never be able to reach.

Often they want you to show initiative, this creates a perfect opportunity to connect.

Let them know your points of view and what you appreciate about them.

Ask if it’s ok to follow them closely because you want to learn how to lead like them?

This last one may take a bit of courage.


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The spirit of leader mlm pdf report can be downloaded and used to check off  all the questions being asked.


If you want your own detailed free ebook on leadership then download success in ten steps and go to the chapter on pentacle leadership on page 19.





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