The Ugly Truth About purpose

The ugly truth about purpose

The ugly truth about purpose

Are you one of those misguided individuals who have been searching for their purpose. Waiting and searching for a sign  to enlighten you on what you are meant to be doing in this life?

If like me you have made it your mission to transcend and direct your thinking towards discovering a higher purpose.

And you have tried hard to succeed at what you are meant to do in this life and you can’t really find the answer to this mystery.


The Ugly Truth About purpose is that you wont find what it is that you must be doing. You can’t find it because you have the free will to create it.

This is the magic of the secret we have the capacity to create our own purpose. It’s not a passive journey we are a co-creator of our own purpose.

Is this the missing piece of the law of attraction for you?

It certainly was for me. How can you attract the things that you want in your life if you don’t put in motion your ability to define what it is and the knowledge that you have the power to bring it about?

When you search for your purpose you are not in control of the process. You have not accepted your responsibility  and power in your ability to manifest it.

The message to the universe or infinite intelligence, God call it what you will, is that you doubt the whole manifesting process. You doubt it because you are waiting for it to just happen. This doubt and uncertainty is what the universe sends back to you through ” The Law Of Attraction”

The Ugly Truth About purpose is that you need to play your part in it. You need to build it from a position of power. You need to let the universe know that you understand how to bring about what you decide to focus on. You see when you look at it from this position of strength and power that is what you attract into your life. The strength and power to succeed at creating your purpose.

So shift your thinking towards acknowledging your role in the process of manifesting your purpose. You will know that you are on the right track by the way you feel.

Suddenly a calmness and clarity takes over your whole body and you will feel the power well up inside you as if it is ready to erupt.

Now that you know the ugly truth about purpose take up the challenge and begin to create your dream life.

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