Thoughts are things !Thoughts are things

Thoughts are things and powerful things at that.

I don’t know how many thoughts a person has per minute. I guess I could google it. If thoughts are things is it possible that they can fit in our brains?

Do we have the capacity to store all those things in our heads. It seems a little far fetched. If thoughts are things how can they still manage to fit in our heads?

Thoughts are things because they can be manifested into things.  This is somewhat different. So here we are saying that we don’t store the things in our heads. We have the capacity to generate a thought and see it through until it becomes a thing.

Wow this does get somewhat wacky!

I don’t know about you, but I have all sorts of thoughts racing through my head. I f I was able to generate these into things at will then I would be quite embarrassed at what resulted.

So what’s going on here?  The law of attraction spells out that if we harbour a burning desire,  then we can attract what we need to make it happen.

What are the thoughts of someone who has a burning desire?  Is the person obsessed? Do they have tunnel vision? Are they in a trance as if hypnotised to stay focussed until they manifest their burning desire.

Is it like they a re vibrating at a higher energy level? And in doing so attract the energy they need to manifest their desire?

The energy level is a definite give away. People that are able to achieve their burning desire seem to have a clear definite powerful voice.

It’s an I mean business type of voice, not a soft meek is it my turn voice? I am involved with a mastermind group on the 30 day mental cleanse. The people within that group are all at different stages of their journey to achieve success. The energy levels of each individual is in keeping with their place on the success ladder if you like.

I guess what I am trying to say is that people at the top of their success journey are emitting a high energy level. Where as people just starting out have shaky voices and seem like their caught in the head lights of success.

Sorry I am going off on a tangent here.

Thoughts are things or can become things, because of the energy level we can step them up to. Once they are in this heightened state, then the universe conjures up magic to make them into things.

I guess you must be getting ready to pose the question about how we acquire that energy level to bring this about?

You will have to come back for my next post on that one.

Right now I will leave you with the post that I submitted to my mental cleanse group on thoughts are things.

I hope you enjoy it.

Thoughts are things

If that man could pick up on my thoughts,
he would have shut his big mouth immediately!
I was ready to do something  I might have regretted.

There he was loud and boisterous in the hospital
next to his son in a wheel chair. Definitely a red personality!

His sense of humor was about proving how dominant and overbearing he was.

He took great pride in telling his son in the wheelchair that he was going to lock somebody in the cellar for ten minutes to see whether or not they would cry.

Wow, it really  got to me!

Especially when he belittled his second son in front  of everybody. I had to move or confront him I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I chose to move.
Yet it dawned me on how acutely aware I was of the damage that man was causing!
It was very painful!
Why bring this up as a post on thoughts are things you ask? It just seemed so ironical to me. Everybody in that family just accepted the father’s behavior. They all thought it was a big joke!
So why was I getting all worked up about?
The reason I was getting so worked up is that unless we are made aware of this type of behavior and the untold negativity that it brings into the world we condone it!

Here was a man ridiculing his son and threatening to lock other children in the cellar and everybody was laughing .
They all probably respect him and think he is wonderful!

It’s not until you do a mental cleanse that you realize how damaging and controlling this type of behavior and thinking really is.

Not only was he controlling everybody around him but he stifled any creative expression anybody would even dare consider.

I immediately thought of the challenges his children would have to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their actions.

What about becoming critical thinkers? Did they have a hope of even thinking for themselves?

Is this the sort of environment that surrounds us?

In a strange way there was a great deal of love  amongst the group however it was masked through this strange behavior.

Why do we cover up our real feelings and thoughts through this false bravado?

How can we even think straight  let alone focus our thoughts to transmute them into the things we desire, when the messages are so mixed up and confused.

The man was saying I love you through ridicule and control?

What are the thoughts that we put out there for others to decipher?

I should have walked up to him and suggested the mental cleanse for him, something about living in the now and
surrounding himself in positive emotions?

I am amazed at my reaction to move away! Once upon a time I would have just turned a blind eye to this situation. I would have just accepted it as teasing and fun.

Now I know better.
Thanks to this mastermind group.


Loddy Micucci

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Thoughts are things and powerful things at that! So be careful what thoughts you allow yourself to think.

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