Your thoughts become things by building a white hot burning desire.

Learn how to step up your vibration and use the law of attraction to manifest your burning desire.

Learn how to step up your vibration and use the law of attraction to manifest your burning desire.

Your desire needs to grow and pulsate as you put the steps into manifesting it.

I will provide you with some very clear and detailed steps on how to crank up your desire.

Firstly you must have a desire something that you want to achieve.

Then you must be convinced you will achieve your white hot burning desire.

Use persistence to concentrate and focus on it until you can see it clearly in your mind.

Dont be discouraged if you can’t do this immediately. It takes persistence.

You need to slow down the chatter in your mind to get focus and clarity.

How do you develop the ability to slow down the chatter in your mind?  Think of a positive self talk that fits in with your why. Why do  you want to achieve your burning desire?

Build into it what you will give in return for achieving your burning desire.

There is no such thing as something for nothing. You must be prepared to give good service to achieve your burning desire.

Ensure that your self talk makes you feel good and energises you.

Now comes the difficult part. Find the time through out the day or night to repeat your self talk  four hundred times. This will build positive programming to your subconscious mind.

When you repeat it four hundred times over an extended period of time it becomes a habit.  This will allow you to develop clarity and focus.

Once you begin to have this clarity and focus you will get better at visualising your burning desire as a done deal.

The indicators of having a better result with your visualisation means that the process is working.

Your thoughts are well on the way to become things with increased positive vibration and the law attraction.

As an example your self talk could be something like this’ I am a good person and I am successful at building my team. I am happy and grateful to be attracting attracting quality clients into my network marketing company. In return I am providing them with the very best knowledge and service to build a huge organisation. I am doing  this through team work and education”.

This clearly states your why, to build a successful organisation and to provide team work and education. You will also be providing the very best service and knowledge to your clients.

Take note of the feel good words of happy and grateful these will give you feeling and passion.

Replace the topic and you can easily adapt this self talk to your needs.

However my best advice is to build your own. Tweak it, change it until it makes you feel good and flows off your tongue.

Please remember that you are saying it 400 times. Dont try and say it all in one go, break it up into 50 or 100 times for each session.

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Try it you might like the outcome. The best part is that it costs nothing.

Stay tuned for the next part of manifesting your white hot burning desire using persistence to stick at the process.

Write a comment if it works or if you try it and you would like some more clarification about some aspect  thoughts become things |increased positive vibration| law attraction.




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