Your thoughts contribute to your inner peace!

Inner peace and happiness play a major part in your life being what you want it to be.

You can’t be happy if you harbor negative thoughts. Happiness and good positive thinking are the key to good personal relationships. These are very important for you to succeed.

Negative thinking will never do a thing to get you out of a negative situation. Even when things are bad and negativity is the order of the day it won’t help you at all to harbor negative thoughts.

Instead you must think positively and aggressively pursue a course of action that will help you. You can’t allow the negative to get traction in your mind because if you do it will take control of the situation and take you down.

Just recently I experienced a situation that really made me think about the power of thoughts. The story goes something like this. Just on 20 months now I have been working with two English gentlemen by the Name of Larry Lewis and Neil Haywood. We are building a massive online presence. It has been a roller coaster ride with many twists and turns. The road has been turbulent and just when we see the end looming largely in sight there will be another curve ball thrown at us.

My thinking has usually been that course corrections are part of the journey and that the challenges are thrown at us to see if we are really prepared to stick this journey out to the end. This way of thinking has served me well. It has allowed me to remain calm and embrace the changes. Furthermore it has spurred me on to come up with creative solutions in the knowledge that we are always getting closer to the success we can visualize in our mind’s eye. It seemed that no matter what, the sheer fabric of what we are doing could not be tarnished.

Negativity takes hold. Out of the blue my father suggested that I was spending too much time on a project that was yielding very little reward.  He of course was right. It was no use trying to explain to him that the rewards would eventually come in a flood that would be unstoppable. To him not getting paid directly for what you were doing was madness. Your time and effort should be equal to fair and instant compensation. He has lived his whole life on this principle. It was futile to argue.

Usually I would brush this off and just remember Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich dad Poor dad story. My dad even though very successful in many ways had a ceiling on what he was able to achieve. A self imposed one I might add. One that comes from not being aware of what is on offer to you through the power of your imagination. A ceiling that is based on hard work equals results and anything else just does not stack up.

So why did I buy into his line of thinking on this occasion? It seemed to catch me at a time of weakness. It was a time my inner peace was confused. I had many negative scenarios running through my head. It became a negative force that made me physically sick.

For years I have prided myself on being in good health and being able to avoid the flu or only get alight dose of it.

Not this time I ended up spending a few days in bed.

So how did all of this play out?

This is where a mentor and a life coach can catch you before you begin to wallow in negativity and self pity. Larry Lewis is that man for me. He realized that I was struggling with something and asked me to fess up. He then painted the picture of our project and what we will eventually achieve. It inspired me and I literally got me off my sick bed with a renewed vigor.

Lessons learnt:

  1. The power of thoughts can affect your health.
  2. You need positive people around you.
  3. The people closest to you can have a strong influence on you.
  4. There is a huge difference between a positive mindset and a negative mindset.
  5. Your attitude is everything!
  6. Once your inner voice gets confused you no longer feel like you know where you are going.

So how do you ensure negativity does not take hold again. Well it comes back to your thinking. You have to let it in for it to take hold. This implies that your focus or attention is being distracted from your end goal. Not only is this detrimental in the long run but it also affects your work. It becomes easy to procrastinate and create hurdles. This then fuels the negative thought.

You are suddenly ripe for any one to come along and knock you right off your perch. This could mean that you start looking for other avenues and begin looking for shiny objects all over again.

You need to set your goals clearly.

Once your mind is made up and you know the course you need to be on then you and only can ensure that you stay on it. Then you need to guard your mind carefully and only focus on the things that will get you closer to your goal.


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