Time to make a decision

time to make a decision

time to make a decision

Now is the time to make a decision!

If you don’t take the time to make a decision somebody else will do it for you!

I am thinking that it is better if you decide about you. Take the time to make a decision.

What will happen if you don’t take the time to make a decision? Will disaster strike ? Probably not! But here’s the thing your lack of decision or making the wrong decision will probably not kill you today. However this state of  procrastination will definitely work against you.

95% of people don’t end up living the lives they would have wanted to live. 5% do! What is the difference between the two groups?

The 5% who live out their lives according to their own script will do what the other 95% wont  do?

The slight edge is working for you or against you just like the law of attraction. Do nothing and it will continue on its merry way at the mercy of circumstances. Make the wrong decisions and you are setting yourself up to fail. Make the right decisions and review them and you set yourself up for massive success.

The best way to explain the slight edge philosophy is to think about how much a penny will be worth if the amount is continually doubled each and every day for 30 days.

After the first day you will have two pennies.

After the second day you will have four pennies and so on. How much will you have after 30 days? If you do the maths you will find it comes out well over a million dollars.

Successful people make decisions quickly and adjust them slowly if at all.  

So what do you do when you are presented with an opportunity to live the life you want? How long does it take for you to decide?



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