To lead or not to lead?

To lead or not to lead?

To lead or not to lead?

 The first pearl of wisdom that Sarah Thompson Professional Network Marketing millionaire dished out to me was about leadership.
I asked her a question about how to set myself up as a leader in professional network marketing?
The answer nearly blew me out of my chair. Sarah pointed out that you don’t set out to become a leader.
This confused me and stirred me up! I’m thinking, what is she on about? Here I was focusing all my energy on what I thought was the most important aspect to professional network marketing and she tells me that I am barking up the wrong tree?

I had to catch myself and realize who was saying this. Yes Sarah Thompson a Professional Network Marketing Millionaire was telling me  that you don’t set out to become a leader. Hey stop it, just listen I blasted to my self!

She continued to say that leadership evolves from being the best follower you can possibly be?
Smack in the head once again. I thought that following was like being part of a flock of sheep. I wanted to be different and to have my own unique style and do it my way!
You need to align yourself with real leaders. people that have had sustained results over time. These people are leaders because they have a massive following.
You grow into a position of authority by providing value and building know, like and trust with your team.

It is not you, that labels you are as a leader it is your sustained results and the following that you have. You cannot lead without having followers.
It makes perfect sense, because I did have a position of authority as an educator. It was due to my knowledge, the relationships I built and the reputation that I had built up.

I knew exactly what I had to do now for getting the answer about to lead or not to lead

The next part was the best,it was like music to my ears.
You don’t have to become the leaders that you follow. In fact you cant be them!!
You have to align yourself with them as leaders and build in their strengths into you! In other words take the best part of their leadership style and make it part of who you are!

So there you have it folks leadership is about building up know like and trust with your merry band of followers until they announce you as their leader.

If you want more information on leadership then listen to the call by clicking on the link below.

My friend and mentor Ken Klemm discusses the attitudes and beliefs of a leader.

To lead or not to lead

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