Tom Big Al Schreiter | communication |subconscious mind

Tom Big Al Schreiter | communication | subconscious mind

Tom Big Al Schreiter | communication | subconscious mind


Tom Big Al Schreiter is the master of communication to the subconscious mind.

Last week I had the pleasure of flying up to Sydney and listening to a presentation by The Master of communication Tom Big Al Schreiter. It was very interesting as we had the pleasure of having dinner with Tom and one of our colleagues Teri Lawlor. The dinner discussion was subdued and everybody seemed to be somewhat tired. It felt like this was going to be a draining experience, however true to the legend at the end of the dinner Tom just quickly asked the waitress for the bill. Apparently when anybody his dinner with Tom they never pay.  So the legend lives on.

After about an hour we walked across to the Grace Hotel and made our way to the conference center. Tom was scheduled to be on at the end of the session.

Tom somehow did an amazing transformation, he walked onto the stage and just captivated everybody with his wit and powerful message. Suddenly he was no longer the tired man who went to dinner with us. Instead he was a master of communication. The message really had a huge impact on me. His delivery of what he calls his magic sequence of words was entwined with humor and story telling. This last term probably sums it all up Tom’s message is about telling stories to by pass the negative programming people have built up. It’s only when you by pass the automatic programming built up over a life time that you can get your message across.

Tom explains how the mind works.

Tom talked about how our conscious mind is the intelligent information gathering sponge of our mind. He also went on to say that it can only work on one thought at a time. This fascinated me. So if we can only have one conscious thought at a time, what happens when we are thinking about the past?

If our conscious mind is worrying about the past and what will happen next then I guess you can see how messed up our decision making is? This is a very strong case for getting focused and living in the now. It is only when you live in the now that the conscious thought you have can be powerfully directed at the current task.

The subconscious mind on the other hand is as dumb as box of rocks. Yet it is responsible for all our automatic responses. Some of these include breathing, our heart beat, anything our body does automatically without having to consciously think about it is controlled by the subconscious mind. He went onto say that this includes the way we make decisions. The subconscious mind has this way of referring everything to a previous program and totally overriding the conscious thought.


The subconscious mind relies on zero information to make a decision.

He went on to drive this point home. He gave us an example of how much information there is out there on how to lose weight. It seems that you would have to be living under a rock not to be aware of it. So why are there so many people who need to lose weight?

It’s because the decision making part of your mind does not base it’s decision on the information presented.

Tom Big Al Schreiter  proceeded to give us a magic sequence of words that will by pass the programming of  people andget them to pay attention to what you are saying.

He started off with I am just curious if.  Five small words designed to get your client or anybody you may be communicating with to pay attention to what you will say next. The magic here is that when you use this phrase the person you are talking to is wondering what you are just curious about? This lowers their resistance and has them leaning forward to hear what you have to say next. Try this when you are talking to somebody. Test it for yourself, apply it to any situation you need people paying attention to what you have to say.

Some examples of this are:

I am just curious if :

  • you like  your job?
  • you want to earn an extra pay check?
  • you want to take good nutrition products and live longer?
  • you want to drink a delicious fruit juice and not get sick?
  • know anybody who would like to lose weight without exercising?
  • know anybody who would like to work from home?
  • know anybody who would like to travel and get paid for it?

As you can see the I am just curious if followed by a question puts the discussion back on your client. They need to think and respond to the question.

You are no longer presenting, instead you have opened up the whole conversation for them to ask questions. This become a great way to build rapport with the person you are talking to.


Stay tuned for the next part of the magic sequence of words:

I just found out”

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