Tom Big Al Schreiter | Michael Dlouhy

Tom Big Al Schreiter|Michael Dlouhy

Tom Big Al Schreiter|Michael Dlouhy

The apprentice and the master, Tom Big Al Schreiter | Michael Dlouhy

Who is the apprentice and who is the master? One is green and one is blue, definitely peas in the pod they are not. Yet both have an amazing drawing power when it comes to attracting clients to their opportunities.


Tom Big Al Schrieter|Michael Dlouhy they are not competitors they work together. Michael Dlouhy learnt many things that he knows from Tom Big Al Schreiter and edifies him to the hilt.

The beauty of what they have is that it’s not about who will go down in history as the greatest professional network marketer.  It’s about how much they can inspire each other to levels that neither of them would have reached on their own.

The union is made in heaven. Tom Big Al Schreiter’s philosophy is to teach his leaders everything he knows so they can surpass his efforts. To him this is the ultimate view of being successful. So Michael Dlouhy’s brilliant success is also part of Tom Big Al Schreiter’s success.

This altruistic philosophy is not lost on Michael Dlouhy for he dreams of the day that he sees ten leaders surpass his achievements.

Ego at the door.

To work like this and believe so strongly about helping others to succeed is about leaving the ego at the door. Of course they have egos! We all have egos but somehow they have managed to keep it in check. It is not their driving force to success.

Infinite striving to be the best is man’s duty; it is its own reward. Everything else is in God’s hands.
Mahatma Gandhi


The driving force for both of them is about helping others to realise their dreams. Of course they both know that by mentoring with a servant’s  heart  they will ultimately be propelled to greatness. Yet both rejoice in the satisfaction of watching others live the dream and succeed.


How do we know this?

Well it’s all about how much they give of themselves for others to succeed.  Michael Dlouhy’s  and Tom Big Al Schreiters’ efforts and deeds are far to numerous for the length and breath of this post. However if you want to know more about this you will not have to look very far. Their feats are splashed across the web.

The important thing to remember here is that their whole success is based on serving others to the best of their ability. Their results speak for themselves.

The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.
Leo Tolstoy


If they continue to live by Leo Tolstoy’s quote then they are truly on their way to discovering the meaning of life. It is an amazing example for all of us to follow.

When we really break it down real power and greatness comes from serving others.

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