Tom Big Al Schreiter |mlm|presentation

Tom Big Al Schreiter | mlm | presentation

Tom Big Al Schreiter | mlm | presentation

Your client looks at you and before you have opened your lips your client has made up their mind!

You work hard to get your clients interested in your mlm opportunity. You set up a great meeting. You are armed with your flip chart and brilliant lap top video presentation. Your client is looking for  ways to earn extra money and how to enjoy spending the money livening longer and healthier.

You have the perfect opportunity that will help them get the extra money and live longer. It’s a no brainer! A match made in heaven so to speak.

You know this client will be perfect for your organisation. They have pre sold themselves. Let me review. Your client wants to live longer and have the money to enjoy living longer.

You cant possibly fail!

You set to work! You have selected a coffee shop to enhance the experience. The whole meeting proceeds smoothly. It is now just a matter of pulling out the forms and getting their signature on the dotted line.


Your prospective mlm client says NO!

How can that be? You did everything right! Your mlm client was eager and ready to sign their life away and yet at the end of your thirty minute presentation they say NO

What could possibly have gone wrong.

Unfortunately you talked them out of joining! How did you do that! Well you did nothing to change their previous job mentality programming. You see their mind was already made up.

How you ask?  The subconscious programming of a life time is a make up of all your clients. So even though your client comes pre sold, yes they are looking to earn extra money and they are looking to live longer and healthier they still say no. Yet you were offering them a way to earn more money and to enjoy it by living longer?


So what happened?

You did not get passed their previous programming of ” anything that is not about working harder and earning more money is not a viable proposition.”

You see your client has a job mentality and what your offering does not get passed their very strong programming.

You need to learn to get your message across to the subconscious mind.

Until you learn to talk directly to the subconscious mind and stir up some of that old programming you will experience  many situations as out lined in the above example.

Tom Big Al Schreiter teaches you to learn a whole new skill set to  begin stirring up that premeditated programming so that they can at least have an open mind about what you have to offer.


I will work on providing you with a set of magic words to help you get passed the negative programming your mlm clients have in my next post.

I will leave you with a teaser for now. I am Just curious if you would like to know how to communicate directly to the subconscious mind?


If you want to get a head start read about the secret language your clients have in this free ebook. It begins on page 59.

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