Tom Big Al Schreiters one minute presentation works!

Tom Big Al Schreiters one minute presentation  does work.

Why does it work? Well consider how you are influenced by advertising.

What is it that propels you to the phone. As if in a trance you dial dominoes and order their latest delicious mouth watering cheap pizza supreme.

What was the impetus to dial a pizza. Were you hungry and didn’t want to cook. Is it that it’s just so damned easy to do. Or was it because that dominoes jingle bounced around in your head. This hypnotized you and drew you to the phone without realising what you were doing.

The point is, it’s the commercial language of advertising that passes straight through to commercial language your subconscious mind. It remembers that delicious taste, add in a bargain, presto there is no stopping it.

Your subconscious mind takes control of your body and forces you to the dial the number.

What if you could give a presentation like that?

Would that make a difference to how many clients got interested in your offer?

Tom Big Al Schreiters one minute presentation is designed to by pass the salesman alarm.

Tom Big Al Schreiters one minute presentation will have your prospects leaning over and wanting to know more.

Consider this you are engaging your prospects for one minute. Woo they say  I have one minute to spare. Let’s face it people are busy these days.

So just this point alone is a winner!

You are only asking one minute of their time.

You must be saying to yourself how can I get my fantastic information across in one minute?

The point is you don’t try to do that.

Tom Big Al Schreiters one minute presentation is created to build up curiosity and set up an appointment to discuss that at a later date.


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This is my friend Maria Whitehead providing her views on the one minute presentation.


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Tom Big Al Schreiters two minute presentation

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