Fire hosing your clients wont work!

Fire hosing your clients wont work!

Tom Big Al The Man

Are you in MLM?

Do you do Network Marketing then you have probably heard of Tom Big Al Schrieter. I have had the pleasure of meeting and listening to him on several occasions.  I recall watching him transform from a quiet easy looking chap into a man with passion who was delivering a powerful message. He was informative, funny and very engaging.

What is it about Tom Big Al?

He travels the world constantly  teaching and mentoring people for a dime. His events only cost about $20 and most of the time there are under 50 people there?

How can he make money out of this?  I just finished reading his book about how to be a super networker and it cost me under $10 to purchase it?

He seems to give away so much value. He is always talking about establishing ‘know like and trust” with your customers.

He is always talking about building relationships. Not to mention how passionate he is about conveying the right message so it gets under the salesman alarm.

The best part about Tom Big Al is he makes you laugh. He pokes you in a way to make you laugh at yourself. He does this to make you realize all the mistakes you make when you set out to tell the world about your amazing opportunity.

It’s easy to laugh but upon reflection you suddenly realize how complicated you have made everything.

You realize that by saying the right things at the right time actually works. You realize how conditioned and programmed people are.

You realize that it is possible to get through that conditioning if you choose your words wisely.

You suddenly realize how knowledgeable Tom Big Al Schrieter actually is.

I personally have learnt so much from him and continue to learn. It seems like he has a PHD on how the human mind works.

In fact he has more than that because he applies his many years of experience to helping you succeed.

Why am I writing so much about Tom Big Al ?

Because Tom Big Al has finally awakened in me the power of his message. I see Tom Big Al’s powerful knowledge as I really build my business at my new company seven point 2.

I see how important all the information he has taught me about personalities and the magic sequence of words is when you actively build your business.

I see how it is possible to grow a massive organization that will be around to pay for your children’s children.

Do yourself a favor catch Tom Big Al when he comes to your town.

Check out his schedule at

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