The magic to network marketing recruiting is in the sequence of the words!
It was a cold Tuesday in downtown Melbourne and the city was slowing down for the day. The parking situation of course, was as usual horrendous. I drove around block after block trying to get a parking spot near the Batman Hotel in Collins street. Tom “Big Al’s” seminar was due to start at seven o’clock.

I certainly had given myself plenty of time to get there before the start.
I didn’t want to miss a thing.
I had heard so many good things about Tom Schreiter, his funny sense of humor, his generous nature and his ability to have one of the largest organization in Professional Network Marketing made it a must to listen to everything that he had to offer. The amazing part is that he is the founder of my network marketing company Vitamark International so it was like going to see family.

The time was ticking over 6.45 pm and I still hadn’t found a parking space. Then I remembered a two hour spot ten minutes from the venue. I darted in and out of the traffic and managed to get the spot. 6.50 pm I had to run.
Everybody seemed to be getting out of my way and so I made the start of the seminar with a few minutes to spare.
I entered the luxurious hotel and I expected to see a large gathering with standing room only. I entered the room and realized that it was just a small select gathering. I immediately saw a few colleagues from facebook and I went over to say hello.

On my way over to my friends I introduced myself to Tom and was instantly made to feel comfortable and welcomed. After battling with the traffic I realized that it had all been worth it.
I started talking to my colleagues and we were all handed a sheet of paper, just one sheet. This seemed minuscule compared to the folder and array of pens and notebooks that were handed to me at my last seminar.

However on this sheet there was a list of 25 skills that were essential to master in order to have success in network marketing recruiting. I looked at it closely and saw things like ice-breakers, word pictures, Magic sequence of words and instantly realized that I had an enormous amount to learn. It seemed like everybody in the room arrived at exactly the same decision.

The master story teller,communicator and network marketing recruiting legend Tom Big Al realized this immediately and went into his spiel about the importance of using commercial language to get results in our prospecting for clients.
The television analogy of how advertisers can get you to purchase something in fifteen seconds without ever meeting you or knowing anything about you was the corner stone of his presentation.

Tom pointed out that they are able to do this by the use of a very specific language type called ” how to talk to people commercially”.

The next statement was interesting he said that for network marketers to compete with the advertisers that we had to learn how to use commercial language.

He followed this up by asking our permission to see if we would like to know how to use a two minute story as our network marketing recruiting presentation.

Then he made it painfully clear that anything else wasn’t going to cut it with new clients since they make up their minds in the first thirty seconds of a presentation anyway.

So whilst you are working your butt off to make a fabulous twenty minute presentation to explode your network marketing recruiting, your client took 30 seconds to decide and do you know what they decided? You guessed it, no!
So save your flip charts and brilliant websites until the client has made up their minds to join your company, that is when they want to know all about it.

Since people have a short attention span and already make up their minds in the first thirty seconds then wouldn’t it be better to use the commercial language that impacts on the subconscious mind.

Now came the meat and potatoes of the night mastering the two minute story.
This was painstakingly drummed into us word by word and of course through amazing stories and an incredible sense of humor.
We were required to think about each part of the story and why it was used.
The most important aspect being that it was just a story designed to bypass the salesman alarm that people put up when being sold.

Stories have a way to enter the subconscious mind and are stored in various compartments until required.
They are not forgotten and can be called upon in various situation.

I will now attempt to recall the two minute story and how it works.

I got a good story, takes about two minutes might make you a lot of money, might not.
This immediately attracts attention because people love stories and you will have them leaning over trying to listen to what is being said. Also as mentioned previously the salesman alarm has been extinguished.

Want to hear it?
You are asking for their permission to tell the story and they invariably say yes.

Would it be ok if you didn’t have to go to work again?

Subconscious mind immediately begins dreaming about all of the pleasant things it can be doing when not being at work. Of course you can guess what comes out of the persons mouth why yes of course. The reason for this is that the subconscious mind has already made the decision and is just waiting for the conscious mind to catch up and get with the program.

So how much money would you need to cover your take home pay. So that you never have to work again?

With this sentence you are giving them something tangible, the subconscious mind can grapple with an amount of income that is comparatively similar to what they are already earning.

Well, you know how people are always trying to lose weight?
In this sentence you are painting the picture and relating to the client, for this example you would be probably talking to someone interested in losing weight.

Well, there’s a company called Vitamark international that have a neat diet cookie that keeps people satisfied and helps them to lose weight.
In this example we are refocusing them and honing in on what it is that our company does and the benefits that it can offer.

Now, if you never wanted to got to work again all you would have to do is get 400 people to order the cookies every month.

The word now in this sentence is designed to refocus your client and grab their attention once more. The rest of the sentence is designed to move the client out of their comfort level. They are probably thinking how on earth am I going to get 400 people to eat the cookies every month?

Now, you don’t know how to get 400 people to order cookies every month, but you could learn.
This is where you let them off the hook and reassure them that there will be training to help them out. However they might not believe that they can learn since school didn’t really help them.

You learnt how to drive a car and you learnt how to be a parent and you certainly could learn a system to get 400 people to order the cookies every month.

In this sentence you are reminding them of the things that they have learnt and their ability to learn and you are reassuring them that they could certainly do it again. Since people have a job mentality and are trained to take orders the word system reassures them that there is a system and direction.

So what is going to be easier for you fighting the traffic to work every day until you retire or to learn a system to get 400 people to order the cookies every month.

Here you are making the comparison with what there life is currently like and that by learning a new system that they could change it completely. This is the rejection free close. Whatever is easier for the client is ok.

So what would you like to know next?
This is where you answer any question that they may have. If you know the answer tell them and ask them what they would like to know next.
If you don’t know be up front and honest and tell them that you don’t know but you will point them to where they can find out.
Or you can just say that the answer is in the system.

Amazing stuff, sounds so simple, often the things that seem simple to do take an amazing amount of research and practice to master.

I walked away at the end after chatting and taking photos with Tom Big Al and my friends feeling like I was so blessed to have experienced an insight of how one man rose to the pinnacle of his profession. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn the story directly from the master himself, listening to it on tape or reading about it on a website, just pales into insignificance.

I am feeling this could be the start of a whole new chapter in my network marketing recruiting campaigns.

Thank you Tom for having the foresight, ambition and drive to travel the world and spread your message. I really appreciated it.

Loddy Micucci.
skype loddy.micucci
cell +61 0437742108

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