Top 10 | Reinvention Tips

You have begun the search to reinvent yourself.

Top 10 reinvention tips

Top 10 reinvention tips

You have landed on this page.

You are reading these post.

You are probably experiencing some dissatisfaction in the way things are progressing in your life.

Read on and you will be able to apply the top ten reinvention tips to make your life amazing.

I am currently working at The reinvention University. At the moment we are administering our first course. It is called the compass for life course. It is a free course designed to allow people to align their inner compass with their passion so they can lead an amazing life.

The top 10 reinvention tips for anybody contemplating reinventing themselves are:


  1. Be prepared to dig deep through self analysis
  2. Write your life story
  3. Determine why your life is where it is
  4. Learn from the past so you make better choices
  5. Learn to visualize
  6. Discover your hidden talents and passion
  7. Learn to dream big once more
  8. Set goals for every area of your life
  9. Work with somebody who can keep you accountable
  10. Take action towards your goals

These reinvention tips have come from our course and the input of the participants. We are noticing how powerful the reinvention process is. Each participant is arriving at some aha moments about where they are in their life.

Using the power of weekly webinars, completing work book activities and being accountable to a life coach Larry Lewis ensures that the reinvention process is making a difference for each individual.

We are currently working on lesson three of the course.

If you are interested in learning how to reinvent yourself. I suggest you invest 12 weeks of your time to do this course.

It will take time and commitment.

And there will be work for you to do.

Reinvention does come at a price.

But it does not drain your credit card. The course is free and will always be free.

Our next course is scheduled to begin on August 15th of this year.

Check out the course description.

If you want to be involved in the next intake I suggest you fill out the form and place yourself on the waiting list.

Here is the link for you check it out.

The top 10 reinvention tips.


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