Top ten reasons to learn from your mistakes

Top ten reasons to learn from your mistakes

Top ten reasons to learn from your mistakes

How do you handle your mistakes?

Do you seem them as an opportunity to grow?


Do you get totally devastated and just want to quit?

The quote on the right hand side offers us three very important reasons to learn from your mistakes.

  1. You will never learn if you don’t make mistakes.
  2. you will never be successful if you do not experience failure.
  3. It takes courage to try again after you make a mistake.
  4. Mistakes are messages to alter your course not to quit.
  5. Everybody makes mistakes before they succeed.
  6. Making mistakes is much better than not having a go.
  7. Making mistakes improves your creativity.
  8. There is no failure if you learn from your attempts to succeed.
  9. Some of the most important inventions come from mistakes.
  10. Perfection is something to strive for but possibly not achievable. Nobody is perfect.

Do you have anymore to add or would you put them in a different order? Please feel free to add to this discussion.

As children we were encouraged to have a go our mistakes were encouraged and often applauded.

This gave us the confidence to keep trying until we mastered our task.

Unfortunately everything changes as you get older. Suddenly there is an over emphases on getting the right answer.

If you don’t, you fail.

If you fail you don’t measure up to the other students.

Yet history is inundated with people who were not successful at school and yet made a significant contribution to the world as we know it.

Many over came numerous adversities before achieving greatness. If you want more information about people who didn’t achieve success by staying at school click on the highlighted text.

I believe that all people who become successful and very successful made some use of the top ten reasons to learn from their mistakes.

I believe they thrived on taking risks and making mistakes so they could get closer to mastering their chosen task.

Your approach to making a mistake is crucial.

If you let it define you and allow it to throw your decision making into chaos then you are toast.

If however you use it as an avenue to learn then you will always move closer to success.

Have you made any mistakes?

How did you respond?

Which of the top ten reasons to learn from your mistakes resonates with you most?


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