Top ten ways to be free

Top ten ways to be free

Top ten ways to be free

What is being free?

Are you free when you are stuck in a situation you don’t love?

Are you free when you worry about what everybody thinks of you?

Are you free when you have only limited choices?

The questions above get you thinking about the top ten ways to be free.

  1. Find your passion and do something that you love doing.
  2. What everybody thinks of you is none of your responsibility.
  3. You can choose to have a good day.
  4. Make a difference by leaving the world in a better state.
  5. Help others to achieve their dreams.
  6. Find out who you really are.
  7. Live out your own dreams.
  8. Discover the greatness you possess.
  9. Find your purpose in life.
  10. Take massive action towards fulfilling your purpose.

Please add to this list if you feel I have left something out.

How would you prioritize this list?

My top three from this list would be.

  1. Find out who you really.
  2. Find your purpose.
  3. Take massive action towards fulfilling it.

What are your top three?

  • Finding your passion is without doubt liberating and it will set you free. Nothing can stop a person who is driven by passion.
  • Learning to not worry about what other people think of you will strip away the boundaries that you and others place on you.
  • The choice is up to you. Wake up in the morning with the intention of making your day work out just as you see it in your mind and see what happens.
  • It is our duty to ensure we make a difference to the people we interact with during our life time.
  • When you help others achieve their dreams you are making a difference and you will be rewarded.
  • Knowing the person you are deep inside will lead you to discovering your passion.
  • Your dreams are messages from a higher source and they will guide you to answering some of the statements on this list.
  • You will give your greatness a chance to shine through if you choose to set yourself free.
  • We all have something we must accomplish during our life time. Discovering it will set you free.
  • All of the above take massive action to be fulfilled. Don’t procrastinate begin today.


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