Top ten ways to persist until you succeed

Top ten ways to persist until you succeed

Top ten ways to persist until you succeed

Do you remember learning to walk?

Do you remember what your progress was like when you were  learning to walk?

Not many people just get up and walk, let alone run!

There is a process to follow. Lots to learn.

People encouraging you.

A belief that you can do it. More encouragement.

You stumble and fall.

Still they pick you up and encourage you to keep trying.

Never once a you told. “Stop! It’s too hard for you. You will never walk”.

So what happens when you try to learn something new?

It can be frustrating and down right embarrassing as  you fail over and over again.

I recall learning to swim as an adolescent. Learning to breathe properly and not struggle through the water was such a difficult thing to master. At first I felt silly and found it very taxing physically. I wanted to give up. People would laugh at my attempts. This made the going even tougher.

You see as a child people expect you to make mistakes until you master whatever you are trying to learn. As you become older they expect you to transfer everything you have learnt up until now and just apply it to the new skill. When you cant do this quickly you start to question your ability to ever be able to do it. People around you just reinforce the negative side of failing.

This is where it can all go pear shaped for you.

Once you lose the will and determination to keep working on the new skill then it becomes almost impossible to achieve the level of mastery that you want.

You need a thick skin and a strong inner drive to block out the embarrassment of your failed attempts in order to eventually succeed.

It is only when somebody really believes in you to achieve the skill that you begin to master it.

The Top ten ways to persist until you succeed are:

  1. Believe that you can
  2. Block out negativity.
  3. Find an encouraging group of people.
  4. Keep trying.
  5. Learn from your mistakes.
  6. See failure as a stepping stone to your success.
  7. Have faith that you will succeed.
  8. Get specific information to help you succeed. Learn from somebody who has mastered the skill.
  9. Practice until you are satisfied with your performance and then practice even more.
  10. Challenge your self to become better.

Please modify the list or add anything you think I have left off.


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