Train the brain to think critically

We have made incredible progress in understanding how the brain works.

Train the brain to think critically

Train the brain to think critically

There are all sorts of imaging and tests being conducted now that shows us how the brain functions.

Yet we know that we are only capable of using a small part of our brain.
I believe it to be about 7%. That leaves 93% that we don’t have a clue about.

10 000 000 000 to 14 000 000 000 nerve cells organized into intricate patterns what is going on here? The intricacies and networks mapped out in our brains suggest that we know very little indeed.

Train the brain to think critically is this possible?

One thing is for sure they were not put there by accident! As we continue to make sense of our universe, it is apparently clear that we still know so very little about ourselves.

The steps we take towards understanding our brains remind us that our minds can be programmed? This programming can either be positive or negative.
Negativity can enter at will, whilst positivity needs to be nurtured and encouraged to dominate the space inside our heads.

All of our learning is designed to fill up our heads with what other minds think is important for us to know. We are taught what to think. It is a form of imprisonment a way of keeping that amazing potential in check. Fill it up with useless information and disguise the greatness it possess.

Train the brain to think critically

Then Michael Dlouhy comes along and says that Mentoring For Free  is a place where you are taught how to think
and not what to think? Is this opening a can of worms?  I can see those wiggly worms emerging from their prison.  Surely this is dangerous those worms are becoming critical thinkers.  Someone must do something we are losing control!

Fear is the enemy here, the fear of the unknown, what we can’t control builds fear.
Yet is aspiring to understand and discover the truth something to be scared of?

If we approach our lives from an attitude of abundance and greatness for everyone, then there
is nothing to fear. We all have the same potential and it is up to us to discover it. Once we
have found it then we will be free. We truly become the captains of our souls.

How liberating , our minds will rise up into the heavens to unite with infinite intelligence.
Wow imagine that! I feel  a surge of energy as the thought of being in harmony with
infinite intelligence sweeping across the sky manifest itself inside my head.

I can see how  our thoughts and our burning desire to know what we want will be
attracted to this amazing energy level. Once the attraction is recognized by infinite
intelligence, the magnetic effect of its power will align everything in the universe
for  us to realize our desires.

Thank you Michael and Linda  and the amazing members of the world’s
largest mastermind group for setting the worms free.


Loddy Micucci

cell 61 0437742108

skype loddy.micucci


Download Michael Dlouhy’s book success in ten steps  and  join us at Mentoring For Free to train the brain to  think critically.

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