Ultimate Sporting Edge

The Ultimate Sporting Edge

The Ultimate Sporting Edge

This article will explore what it takes to get the ultimate sporting edge and endeavor to simplify the whole process.

Is there such a thing as the ultimate sporting edge?

Every athlete on the planet has been trying to get the ultimate sporting edge over their opponents since sports were invented.

Does the ultimate sporting edge exist?

Can you get the ultimate sporting edge through training harder, smarter and for longer or is it about getting mentally tougher?

You probably could train harder, smarter and for longer but who is willing to pay the price?

How many grueling hours does it take to achieve the ultimate sporting edge?

Science and supplementation is playing a big part in how sporting stars prepare today.

Everyday a new product will surface claiming that it is the miracle product to give you the ultimate sporting edge.

Many make false claims or are illegal to take. The whole process becomes a very difficult exercise to navigate your way around.

Diet and nutrition also play a big part at how well you perform on the sporting arena. Once again this is also complicated with too much information or misinformation.

People however never give up, they keep searching for answer towards finding the ultimate sporting edge.

What if the answer wasn’t as complicated as we think?

What if it was about doing something you are really passionate about and giving it your best shot.

Would we need the ultimate sporting edge then?

Many people can get their body looking amazing and performing at a peak performance level. Many people can get their mind in the right frame to endure the pressure moments. Only a few can encapsulate both those ingredients to become unstoppable.

As a cricket lover and avid supporter of The Australian Cricket Team I see a clear example of a sporting star who did exactly that. I am talking about Mitchell Johnson of course.

Mitchell was at the cross roads of his cricket career. At his brilliant best he was invincible and then in the same breath he could be mediocre.

The jury was out as to how the cricket world would remember Mitchell Johnson. Lady luck seemed against him becasue he started getting injured and it seemed that he was ready for the scrap heap.

He took time off from the game for about a year. He sought out experts to get his body right. He sort out experts to help him with his game. He sort out experts to help him with his mental toughness. 

The results were staggering. He came back onto the cricket scene with a menacing take no prisoners attitude.

His wrath was felt by The English Cricket Team last year.

The beauty of this example is that many elements had to come together for Mitchell Johnson to be remembered as one of the mos feared fast bowlers of all times.

You see he had this capacity within him all the time. He had to find it. The other aspect to this is that he really only found when he was under extreme adversity.

There is something that makes us fight deep inside when the chips are down and discover that ultimate sporting edge.

It is then that we discover what we are really made of.

So I will conclude this article with a question.

Does it need to be this way?

What are your thoughts?

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