Unleash your power to keep on trying

Unleash your power to keep on trying.

Unleash your power to keep on trying

Cast your mind back to some major achievement in your life.

  • Learning to talk
  • Learning to walk
  • Learning to read
  • Learning to drive a car
  • Learning to get your first job
  • Learning to build your own home

What were the ingredients that made you eventually succeed?

You never gave up you just kept on trying till you succeeded.

I’ll tell you a story about my cousin’s major achievement. My cousin is so disorganized he just literally allows everything to pile up into one huge pile.

I mean literally everything.

At the same time he knows where everything is and can become single minded about achieving things that many people would not.

I remember when he bought his farm.

He spent so much time going back and forth to clear his land. The plan was to eventually build a house on it for him to escape the city rat race.

Well it took him a considerable amount of time to eventually build his house.

You see he floundered along not really committing himself to the task.

He continually found distractions and things that made him change his course. The one thing he never did was stop trying.

To cut a long story short.

The day came around for his son to finish primary school. This meant that he would be moving to another school.

This was the spur my cousin needed to get him to finish the house on the farm so his son could go to a school near the farm instead of commuting long distances.

Once he had this pressing need to complete the house.

Well within six months a large steel fabricated four bedroom home stood on top of a hill over looking his land.

The speed and dedication to complete the house was awesome.

I remember him driving for 180 minutes each day from the city to the country and working to the early hours of the morning. He enlisted our help and he learnt everything there is to know about

  • septic tanks
  • plumbing
  • electrical work
  • plastering
  • painting
  • wiring
  • digging foundations
  • designing
  • roofing

He now lives in this house and is very proud of the result. His family has adjusted to country life and he has many acres of land to pile things up on.

How many people can claim that they have built their own home?

He was able able to unleash his power to keep on trying until he succeeded.

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