We are the change we seek| mlm

we are the change we seek.

we are the change we seek.

Hello and welcome have you noticed a change within yourself? Are you looking for a change in who you are?

You will know you’re changing. How you ask? Often it is because you no longer fit in. Suddenly your old friends are ignoring you or worse still being even more negative than usual towards you.

What’s happening why are they treating you this way?

Most of the time it is because they don’t understand what is happening. Often its because you are suddenly challenging who they are. Not directly but indirectly. They see you are moving away and they want to cling on. This behaviour makes you move further away. Now suddenly you are not quite sure what is happening. Is it a good thing as you move way from the pack or do you feel insecure?


Striving to grow into a leader

This brings up many different aspects of what leadership is. All of the points are way beyond the length and depth of this post. One would probably need to write a whole book on it. We are the change we seek is about establishing who you are on your own terms. This means that you need to move away from the pack. Otherwise you will not grow and develop into the leader you were meant to be. The pack mentality is all about control and status quo. To lead you need to challenge, be inspired and move towards like minded people. This is where you will discover a world of ideas and amazing vision. You will be elevated and transcend into a leader yourself.

The journey takes courage and the path can be somewhat obscure, however once you begin there is no turning back. Looking back and having doubts just fuels negativity. This places you in a state of limbo. You are no longer with the pack and yet you haven’t moved into the direction you need to be moving into.

Duck out of water

Have you ever had the feeling that you just don’t fit in? That’s because you are not sure what to do move forward or go back?  Don’t get stuck here! Take action. Assess what is happening to you. Clarify what your goals are and where you want to be. The signs are telling you to move on. Follow the positive river of life and move with it. It is your destiny! It will fulfil your life’s purpose but only if you act.


We are the change we seek in our lives and business.

If you are in an mlm business. It is time to identify like minded people who have vision and brilliant ideas. Connect with them and aspire to grow your own vision. This is what will elevate you to greatness. Just as you see the greatness within your visionary leaders. The pack mentality is all about control and a hierarchical power structure. Visionaries inspire and take satisfaction in promoting others way beyond their own level. In mlm this is brilliant because their success also contributes to your success.

So why would you want to have a controlling approach to your business?

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