What are five good reasons you should join my team?

What are five good reasons to join my team?

What are five good reasons to join my team?

My mentor caught me off guard this morning. He asked me what are five good reasons you should join my team? I took a minute to think and then I started firing questions at him. I quickly realised that this was not about fire hosing you with heaps of information. I needed to know what you were looking for and how I could accommodate you with what you  want and need.

The art of communication

Immediately I began asking him questions about what your previous experiences were? I needed to know exactly what you were looking for so I could provide the answers if I had them.

My first question was about what your challenges were in professional network marketing? He said you had been involved with several companies and experienced moderate success. However the people you sponsored quit or did nothing.

His response made me think of the system we have to help people to grow into leaders. Our free personal development system encourages growth both within the individual and towards building their business. So quitting is like giving up on yourself and who wants to do that.

I then asked him how your system worked to build your business? He said that was one of  problems the companies you had didn’t really have a system.

This made me think of our easy three step recipe and duplicatable  system that anybody can use to build their business. So I filed this away to refer to later.

My next question was about what sort of training, mentoring and teaching that took place for your team? He said that people were encouraged to make a list and do presentations. This took time and many people complained about losing their friends and families.Or souring their relationship because they blamed them for failing.

This made me think of all the ongoing mentoring and interactive training we have to build our business globally on-line. There is no need to bother friends and families. In fact it works the other way. They want to know about what you are doing when they realise your success.

The next question I asked him was whether you were part of a mastermind group.  He said you worked with your  up-line and had three way calls together but that was the extent of it.

It made me think  our mastermind group approach and how that helped us all to grow.

So upon reflection what are the five good reasons for joining my team

  1. We build leaders who build our business. This is done through free professional development.
  2. We have a tried and true system that has created and continues to create amazing success stories.
  3. Everybody is accountable through a free teaching and mentoring system to pay forward what you have learned for free.
  4. We have an online-mlm system that uses cutting edge technology to recruit people world wide.
  5. We use the mastermind approach to elevate everybody’s level of achievement.
  6. We have a five pillar company that requires 400 repeat customers for you to earn $10 000 per month.

If you would like more information about my company then download the free ebook success in ten steps and I will get in touch with you.

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