What are the top ten reasons to never give up 

10 reasons why you should never give up

What are the top ten reasons to never give up?

  1. You could be three feet from gold
  2. The message is for you to alter course not to give up
  3. You are not ready for success yet
  4. There is much more to learn
  5. Many people have failed many times before they eventually succeeded
  6. Anything is possible
  7. We learn from our mistakes
  8. Believe in yourself to eventually succeed
  9. You are not doing what you are passionate about
  10. Have faith that you will eventually succeed



Countless people have given up too early and realized later on at how close they were to success when they gave up. Learn to persevere.
 Often you don’t succeed because you were meant to be doing something different. Your lack of success is designed to steer towards your purpose. It is a subtle reminder to change course until you find something you are passionate about.

The success you are about to receive is overwhelming and you tend to stuff things up because you  are not ready. It’s like your mind decides to self sabotage the process to save you from the embarrassment of not knowing how to handle your success.
Work on your subconscious programming prepare it for success.

The learning curve you need to succeed is never ending. The success that comes your way will bring you many new things to learn. Take up the challenge and move forward.

Learn to accept failure  as the journey towards your success. Obstacles are put before you to try and make you give up. Are you willing to do what it takes?

Believe that anything is possible and there is never any need to consider giving up.

Mistakes are only mistakes if you don’t learn anything from them. Consider each mistake as an opportunity to learn.

Self belief is crucial to your success, without it you may as well give up.

Passion is an important element of success. Your passion for whatever you are doing drives you to succeed. Often you will be tempted to give up because you are not passionate about your work. If you feel this way then it’s time to take stock and make changes. Don’t throw in the towel. It is ok to set sails for new destinations that will lead you to your passion.

Faith in your ability to succeed is by far the most important element of never giving up. Without faith in your dream then you have just a dream.

If you are considering giving up on a project, think hard and long about your decision. What is it that is making you give up on your dream?






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