What are you holding on to?

What are you holding onto?

What are you holding onto?

Do you feel like you are anchored down to something?

Do you know what  you are holding on to. Isn’t it time you let it go?

Let go of what?

The more you dig the more it becomes evident that there is something lying there dormant a gold nugget that wants to shine. Yet it is buried deep below some protective barrier.

The barrier is very difficult to shift. The more you try the stronger it becomes.

You have good days where everything seems to work out. Yet there are bad days where nothing seems to work. The bad feelings are stronger they linger around and become magnified with the feelings from the past.

Loving who you are is the answer!

Do you Know how to love who you are is the question. Can you look in the mirror and love the person looking back at you.

What are you holding on to? Why cant you say it?

Do you have a dark checkered past that does not want you to allow it to surface into the open? Do you feel unworthy of accepting that you are a unique individual who needs to be heard?

Go back into you life story and observe what are you holding on to. Don’t relieve it become a casual observer. As if you were in the same room as what are you holding on to but don’t allow it to hold you.

See it from a distance.

See it as it’s long tentacles try to entangle you once more.

Don’t let it!

Take control.

Send it away so it does not bother you any more.

Begin your reinvention today!


At The Reinvention University!

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