What are you thinking about ? | Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer always knew that what you are thinking somehow has a way of showing up in your life.

  • Today we discuss the power to contemplate a solution
  • How your ego wants to stop you having abundance
  • Believing and having faith that what you think about will manifest in your life

It’s not rocket science!

If you really want something and work towards it with commitment dedication and consistency you usually end up achieving it.

What is this process that enables people to connect up to some higher power  and live out your life on your own terms?

Many questions are formed by your ego to distract you from connecting up with this power. It is not interested in what’s best for you. Your ego wants to control the way you think about things.

Your ego is waging a war against the abundance you can tap into. It allows you to believe that the real power is to follow your ego. Yet by doing this you move away from being able to attract the things you want into your life. So you are lowering your capacity to energise your thoughts.

The ego wants you to operate at a low energy level where it can control you.

It’s only when you realize how powerful the real you is that you begin to move away from the control your ego has on you.

It is in this state  that you can contemplate solutions to problems that have been a major part of your life. It is only when you can align yourself with this power of intention that you can begin to make positive changes in your life.

Many people who have watched and read the secret probably find it difficult to appreciate this statement. Many aspects of your thinking need to change for you to manifest what you think about.

Your ego needs to take a back seat approach to your life. This is no mean feat. It does not like to be a passenger.


Watch the video below and appreciate how a great teacher of this can inspire you to accept abundance into your life.


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