What does serving without an agenda really mean?

What does serving without an agenda really mean and can it really get you what you want?

What does serving without an agenda really mean?

What does serving without an agenda really mean?

All our lives we have been told to work hard to acquire the things we want. Life works best when you really know what you want. Yet it’s a double edged sword.

On the one hand we are encouraged to have an agenda. That is work towards obtaining our desires. On the other hand when we over do this we are actually hindering our efforts to obtain it.

Let me explain people are drawn to you when you genuinely want to help others. This is serving without an agenda. Recently I celebrated my 54 th birthday and I was blown away by the good wishes I received through face book. All my face book friends have been talking and commenting about my personal development updates. Now it was my ambition to allow anybody who wanted to the opportunity to follow my personal development journey. I am paying forward the knowledge and advice that I am freely given.

No agenda

My only agenda was to pay forward the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people who followed my updates.  At first it was quite slow and people responded in their own way fairly spontaneously.  It soon grew to a substantial following. The evidence of the following only surfaced on my birthday as the comments and good wishes flooded in.

Contact list

Now had I set out to grow a list and monetize this list as many affiliate marketers do would I have had the same result? The answer pure and simple is no.  Once you have a contact list you do have an agenda. The agenda may be subtle and the value you provide may be far more than the price you are asking. However you do have an agenda. The agenda is to sell products and to monetize your efforts. It’s like doing a good days work to earn a good days money.

What’s wrong with that?

Now I have nothing against a good days work for a good days money. The point I am trying to make is all about the agenda. The agenda is what’s wrong with that. If you could somehow remove the agenda so that people spontaneously decide to want to know more about you and what you have to offer then the selling part becomes second nature.

All of a sudden you have a group of very hungry clients wanting more. The check books will come out  and anything associated with what you are saying and doing everybody will want.

The price of popularity

I hope you are still with me because while writing this post I am also trying to clear my own mind as to what does serving without an agenda really mean? I guess movie stars and famous people are a good example of what I am talking about. The really famous ones can promote a product and have thousands of people screaming and running to purchase the product they recommend. Is it because the product is so good? Or is it because the person has built up such an incredible following that anything they recommend becomes  a valuable commodity. The later is true of course. Oprah Winfery comes to mind here.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is in fact a very good example of what I am talking about. How did she become such an icon in her chosen field? She had the ability to impact lives and genuinely serve others whilst developing her own brand. In the end Oprah had an amazing power to influence lives. Ghandi is another example of what I am talking about. He single handedly without any violence influenced two million people to follow his teachings.


It’s all about a four letter word, the word is love. To serve without an agenda is all about love. When you lead with love and love what you’re doing, then the how when and why will sort itself out. The best part is that people will be drawn to your amazing aura as you unselfishly lead with love. It’s of course unconditional and expects nothing in return. Now here is the amazing part. If you are able to work out what does serving without an agenda really mean, then the rewards just seem to magically come.


The world of blogging  gives you the opportunity to serve without an agenda. Once you remove the agenda and set out to impact lives you begin to make a difference. Blogging has a way of allowing you to delve into your passion and find your sweet spot. This inspires you to write about it and open yourself up to sharing your passion with others. If you set out to express yourself through your writing and grow as a writer and a person, then people will be drawn to your blog. No hard selling is required. You are opening up the doors to an amazing place for people to visit. It’s amazing and unique because it is all about you.  The power of what you have will be felt by thousands of people. You are creating something bigger than yourself.

Do you need to be a good writer?

The answer to this is that it helps. However developing your own unique style is much more important. the way to do this is to write daily and write from the heart.  When you write from the heart you are digging deep and giving people a sample of who you are with every post that you write. Your blogg becomes an extension of you. This will draw people to you because they feel like they already know who you are.

What does serving without an agenda really mean?

So I guess we can sum it all up by saying what does serving without an agenda really mean is all about loving what you do. No agenda is required when you truly love what you do, people will feel it and be drawn to you like a magnet draws metal. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination when you create an environment such as this.

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