What does success mean?

What does success mean?

What does success mean?

The definition of success sounds easy, but can it easily applied to everybody?

Opening your eyes, ears, and mind will allow you to gain a mind of your own in time is this success?

You will be able to understand and be wise, make good decisions, and control your own success.

This is a prerequisite to success because you must have a purpose to know what to work for and ultimately measure your success.

The secret to success is not in the “achievement” part of the definition of success.

The secret of success is in what you decide to desire, plan, and attempt.

By this definition, you automatically set yourself up for disaster when you attempt, plan, or desire something that is unfulfilling for you.

Even if you achieve your goal, you will not find fulfillment in that “success.”

So in order to find true success, you must ignore what goals others are telling you to reach and focus on the goals that you find fulfilling.

People can waste a lifetime without ever asking themselves what would make them truly successful?

Valuing time can be something worth pursuing for success.

Using what time you have effectively becomes a goal in itself. Goal number one for success is “using your limited time well.”

Value your limited time, and know that life is short.

As you shape your views of what will be success in your own life, ask yourself what is the purpose of the things you do.  Is there purpose to me writing this very post?

I believe so.

If I didn’t think so, then this would be meaningless for me to write.

My belief is that this post  may get someone to question their own views of success and ultimately improve their life is enough for me to feel successful.

This is the “desire” part of success. 

Ask yourself what you truly desire in your life. Wisdom is your ally when you are searching for success. In order to find the kind of wisdom that brings understanding, nothing can be assumed. You must question your reason for being, what purpose you can fulfill, and how you will know if you get there.

We are meant to work, and work keeps us sharp, productive, and happy. If for no other reason, work makes me enjoy my spare time even more. I don’t think your work has to be at an established traditional job. You can definitely find some of the most rewarding work as a volunteer.

The ultimate definition of success is to do something you love.

When you discover something you love and turn it into your reason to live it becomes an obsession that can create stratospheric success.

if you use this obsession to provide quality service to as many people who need it, then you will be well on your way to living the life that many dream about.

There are many elements to building this sort of success. I will list them below:

  • desire
  • persistence
  • faith
  • mastermind group
  • specialized knowledge
  • personal growth
  • vision
  • energy
  • ability to learn
  • ability to teach
  • ability to reach out and ask for help when needed
  • seek out mentors
  • imagination
  • discovery of the greatness within

There are probably more you could add to this list, please feel free to include them in the comments section.

What is your idea of success?



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