What is a healthy lifestyle

What is a healthy lifestyle?

What is a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle begins  with drinking approximately 8-10 glasses of water each day. This  is essential not only to keep you  hydrated but also to help breakdown the foods you eat.

Water can help with weight loss and clear your body of unwanted toxins that build up during the day. Exactly how much water you need to consume will depend on your age, weight and activity you do during the day.

Teenage Health

As early as in the adolescence, teenagers must learn how to take care of themselves and be responsible about their health and fitness.

However, a lot of people in this age group find it hard to discipline themselves thinking that it is too restricting or too tedious.

They still do not have much motivation because they are still in this transition stage from childhood to being young adults. It is also rather difficult to make these kids move around a bit and do exercises and they really are not very concerned yet with the benefits of healthy living.

Low Gi Food

Once you understand how the body converts carbs and at what rate, you will be able to use the Glycaemic Index (GI) in assisting you with your weight loss goals. Consuming foods (usually complex carbs) with a low GI will slowly convert into blood sugar and won’t sit in your system as fat, therefore, it makes sense to eat more complex carbohydrates. Another bonus is that complex carbs tend to keep your appetite under control making you less likely to snack between meals as you will feel fuller for longer. Carbs should make up 50-60% of your daily calories.

Having a healthy body is about your lifestyle.

You must understand that having a healthy body is not possible unless you make it, in fact, a lifestyle. It sounds ironic, but unfortunately most people believe you can have a life of junk food, high fat/cholesterol food (or binge eat) and still attain the body, look, or figure you want if you dedicate MOST of your time to reaching your goals.  This is the main misunderstanding of any low calorie diet plan or any other system, there are no breaks when reaching your goals. Even though you might luck out and achieve a body that you are satisfied with, you’re still missing out on a healthy lifestyle because you’re not reaching your full potential. A healthy body involves the way you look, but also the way you act, feel, and portray yourself. It is something you must buy into and commit to, 24/7!

How to get started on becoming healthy

First tip is to be mobile. What does this mean? As we know, teens love lounging around the house, sitting in front of the television set the whole day or burning their asses of in front of the computer and gain weight. Little by little, teens must learn how to put an end to their sedentary lifestyle and start being healthy. To keep fit, one must continually burn the calories that we take into our bodies and by doing non-strenuous forms of exercise, teens would be able to do physical activity without noticing the effort.


The human body contains proteins in the brain, muscle, hair, skin and nails with half of the body’s dry weight made up of it. Foods such as chicken, beef, lamb and fish as well as legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas) all contain protein which, when digested, release amino acids. These amino acids are converted by the body into hormones such as adrenalin or as a source of energy.

You are able to include Alcohol in a healthy weight plan but as always moderation is important. Understand that alcohol will add to your daily calorie count so keep that in mind when reaching for that second glass.


A healthy lifestyle is all about eating health foods, sleeping well, and exercising to keep fit and other activities that improve your general health. Living it means that you keep your weight in check, you are careful and choosy on what you consume to reduce unnecessary weight gain as well as maintaining a healthy fitness routine. The best thing with living a healthy life is that the benefits can be both psychological and physical.

Here are five easy ways to care for the mind, body and spirit.

Living well is to have the freedom to pursue the lifestyle you want without the restrictions of physical roller coaster, mental and spiritual that many of them travel. It is time to look good and feel good about yourself. The life and death begins and ends at the cellular level. When healthy cells are healthy.

The fact that you are able to reduce stress levels significantly and being more relaxed are some of the psychological benefits you get. You also become more energetic and have a high self esteem. You can really have self esteem problems especially when you are overweight. Hence, you should make living a healthy lifestyle a habit.


Its for me like feeling happy with life and all healthy from inside. That’s what matters most for me. I try to feel the abundance of Universe from inside and when have that content with life feeling I am happy to know that, I am healthy.


Not self-righteously, we just bought a mega blender and started making smoothies from fresh whole produce and others from tofu and cocoa powder. That feels the best diet for us, so far, in general. Another general tip is to ignore the rules of nutritionists and listen to your own body first as you may already know. I found the ‘Eat Right for Your Type’ suggestions to be pretty right on with my experience.

The biggest obstacle to be overcome is inconvenient.

Healthy eating is not usually convenient. It’s that simple. It takes a little planning on your part. You have to plan your meals ahead and get the food they need. If you go to the store once a week, then you need to plan every meal for that week.

Sport will take your mind of the action of exercise and not even realize you’re doing. This is essential if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you can exercise for an hour or two, or even think about it, will certainly be healthier. In short, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, get up off the couch and start exercising.


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