What is a Never Give Up attitude in sport

What is a Never Give Up attitude in sport

What is a Never Give Up attitude in sport

Hello and welcome to my post on What is a Never Give Up attitude in sport. I am an avid cricket fan and today I write this post as a proud Australian cricket fan.

The Australian cricket team and English cricket team have been doing battle for the coveted ashes trophy. I was fortunate enough to go and watch the first day of The Boxing Day Test in Melbourne.

The series for the ashes trophy is already over. The Australians won the first three tests very convincingly. I expected the fourth test to be a tame affair and probably end up in a draw. The first day pretty much played out that way with England being asked to bat and did so very slowly. It seemed like they were determined to fight this test out and at least salvage something from the series.

I am not going to be specific about the twists and turns of this test match. It was interesting to see the opportunities both teams had to dominate the test.

This was the turning point and probably has been for the whole series. Australia made the most of their opportunities and England squandered opportunities.

It was only a short time prior to this that England seemed invincible. The shoe was on the other foot. England could do no wrong and The Australian’s were begging for mercy. The turn around in the space of a few months was remarkable. All of a sudden The Australian Cricketers have developed a never give up attitude. No matter how hard The England team dig in and put pressure on, The Australians seem to find a way to turn it round to prosper and to win.

How has this happened?

The only inclusion in the team has been Mitchell Johnston a really fast bowler who is able to bowl the ball at 155 km per hour and the new coach has been with them for six months now.

The whole team seems to be a united unit and they are all playing for each other. It has all come together through a belief in each other and the mission they are on.

From the outside looking in they seem to be enjoying playing with such confidence and success. The failures in England seem to be a distant memory, yet one that has contributed to galvanizing this team together.

They didn’t give up and capitulate as everybody expected. It would have been so easy for England to come away at the end of the series with a five to zero white wash.  The Australians were too proud and resolute to let that happen on their shores. Their resolve saw their confidence grow and create their own luck.

England will rue dropped catches as these always contribute to deciding who gets the ascendancy in a test match.

One must ask did England just expect to win and thus allowed sloppiness to creep into their game or did The Australians develop a never give up attitude?

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