What is fear?

What is fear?

what is fear?

what is fear?

Where does our fear come from? Is it something that is instilled in us from an early age? Or is it part of the programming that comes from our experiences?

Our guest author today Cindy Willete from the thirty day mental cleanse forum explores this in detail.

Cindy writes

“Chapter 15

Fear, The Six Ghosts Of Fear

Fear, exactly what is it? Napoleon Hill says that there are the six ghosts of fear. There is The Fear of POVERTY, CRITICISM, ILL HEALTH, LOSS OF LOVE, OLD AGE and DEATH. A friend of mine says it’s just False Evidence Appearing Real. But where dose our fear come from? As children we are taught to be afraid. Be good they would say or the boogie man will get you. Only good children go to heaven. As we grow older we learn there is no boogie man and as to heaven? Well I’m not afraid. But other fears are installed in us as young children.  The words of adults have a way of shaping the way we think about our self. As a child I could never do anything right according to my mother. She always pointed out what I had forgotten or had gotten wring. In school I was a slow learner and my teacher thought I couldn’t be taught. What did she know? Maybe she was just a bad teacher. But the words still haunt me, and I fear being wrong or making mistakes. Even when I know I’m right, but will everybody else see that I did it right?  I know I should not give it power nor let it rent space inside my head.

With age comes wisdom. Learn from your mistakes so that you won’t make them again. Grow stronger. Stand up to your fears and you will see that is only smoke, an illusion. False Evidence Appearing Real. Examine your life. Look closely, find each fear and ask yourself where did it come from and why is it still here? Then challenge it. Stand up to it so that you can see it is nothing more than an illusion, nothing to be afraid of. Now tell it to “GET OUT!” Take your life back. Who cares what others think. It’s what you think about you that really matters. Guard your mind from sneak attacks because fears have a way of slipping back in if you’re not looking. I have to ask myself, can we find and conquer all our fears. It seems that every time I conquer one another is hiding in the shadows. Is it possible to live a fearless life?  I don’t know if I can make them all go away. All I know is that each time I face my fears I get stronger and the fight gets easier, reminding myself that they are just imaginary. Like the boogie man. Only I have the power to control their existence.

So the fight goes on as I start my journey. As I begin to control my thoughts and guard my mind with more force. Each new step will make me stronger and soon I will have complete control of my mind, my soul, and my life.

With much love and gratitude
Cindy  “

Thank you Cindy learning to identify your fears and stand up to them is a great way to leave them behind you. Once we can do this we can truly live in the now without fear.

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