What is it about change

All around me I see a world constantly changing.

It seems to be the norm in everything we embark on, yet many people find it difficult to accept change into their life.

Nature thrives on change. A seed becomes a tall oak tree. Night follows day, the sun shines, the sun sets and then we have the changing seasons.

The measure of success in nature is how well things adapt to change.

Yet as mere humans we cling on to what we are comfortable with and find it difficult to embrace change.

What is about change that scares us?

  • is it learning new things
  • is it not being in control
  • is it our ego losing power
  • is it letting go
  • is it moving out of our comfort zone

I recall how I felt the very first time I was asked to change schools when I was teaching at Sunvale Primary School In Sunshine a suburb of Melbourne Victoria on the South East Coast of Australia.

I felt completely devastated. The whole political scene had changed and education was its prime target. Small schools were being merged and the old neighborhood Primary School concept was deemed as too much of a luxury.

The impact of that was to close many small schools and create much larger establishments. This meant many children could no longer walk around the corner to their neighborhood school and many of the teachers were asked to move.

The process of who was to move and who was to stay was as you can imagine a very messy process. Some schools had a policy of last in first out, whilst others used it as a way of weeding out the teachers they didn’t want.

I can recall feeling very isolated and desperate as one particular vice principal set out to determine whom the worst teachers on staff were? Or should I say whom she liked the least.

To cut a long story short after being named in excess as it was called I received numerous phone calls from schools wanting my services. Feeling wanted and working with great people made all of the difference.

It now seems a distant memory and one that I would not even think twice about now. Yet at the time the teachers who were name in excess felt like they were being singled out to face a very uncertain future.

Time is a great teacher

Change  in our lives mellows as we stand the test of time. In every change during our lives if we stop and reflect there has been an important message to learn.

It makes me  think that change is an integral part of our development.

When we learn to embrace it and reflect about what it is trying to teach us then it’s not so scary.

What is it about change

What is it about change



The message is loud and clear learn to see change for what it is and learn to embrace it rather than resisting it.

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