What is mlm faith?

what is mlm faith?

what is mlm faith?

What is mlm faith, is it the same as any other faith? Faith is very mysterious. It’s something you need to believe in with all your heart, yet not really see it, touch it or feel it. Well you sort of feel it. They say if you have faith you have an inner peace, there is a self assuredness about you that magnetises people and events to you. Is it magic?


Love and and the positive emotions play a big part.

When you feel love and your are in love with life, then faith is easier to understand. It is very tangible it is like a self belief and an understanding that things will work out for the better. Love let’s in t the light for positive emotions to flourish and it develops faith.

It develops faith in you and your ability to succeed. It develops faith in the way you live and the experiences you have along the way. When you are surrounded by love the positive emotions flourish and this is what you attract back to you. How can you not have faith when things just seem to work out for you. The saying goes that a cat has nine lives, I feel this is also true for people who are surrounded by love, they also have nine lives. It seems like they are unstoppable. Love energises them and fortifies them against negativity. This makes anything they desire come to fruition.  You probably have met some people who are like this. Now you know the reason they seem to flourish as others around them struggle.

What is mlm faith?

This question will take a great deal of explanation to really answer properly. It goes something like this. Our programming is about security. Work hard, retire and have the security to enjoy the rest of your life. If you are familiar with mlm, then its all about being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs do not see the fruits of their labour immediately. They are into having a vision and working towards their vision for little or no results for a long time. It’s their vision and faith that spurs them on and drives them to reach their goal. This opens them up to a very risky period. It can be taxing and trying to say the least. Many budding entrepreneurs  give up. In fact the failure rate is about 90%. So why do so many people embark on this road and why do so many people fail? The answer of course is that people see becoming an entrepreneur as the answer to their dreams. The reality is that they lack the faith to burn their ships and carry through to realising their dreams. The reason for this is that they lack faith.  The lack of faith comes from their programming of security. Once they are out of their comfort zone and realise the risk, then their lack of faith makes them give up on their dreams.

Having mlm faith

When you have mlm faith you believe in the mlm model as a vehicle to achieve the goals you set for yourself.  One of my mentors favourite sayings is “if not professional network marketing then what”. Let me explain what he means by this. If you have a history of working class or middle class family what will give you the potential to change the financial history of your family. If you don’t win the lottery you a re probably doomed to living very closely to the way your ancestors lived. The programming and mentality is passed down from one generation to another. That is unless a person makes a conscious decision to alter the situation. Once this happens then mlm and professional network marketing become the perfect vehicle for achieving this dramatic up heavel of the classes. It’s the level playing field that can propel a virtual nobody into a very successful entrepreneur and this will allow them to realise their dreams. Having faith in mlm to provide this sort of opportunity is the starting point to becoming successful.

How to build mlm faith?

This is very similar to being surrounded by love to have faith in everything that you do. If you love mlm and truly believe in it as the answer to achieving your dreams. The success you deserve will follow and this will build up your faith. Convincing your subconscious mind of this is perfectly acceptable. How do you do this? Your subconscious mind will believe thoughts that are emotionally charged and are repeated numerous times. So if you tell your subconscious mind that you have faith in mlm and believe in it with all your heart. Then your subconscious mind will accept what you tell it in good faith. Please remember to say it with feeling and emotion. Once this happens you will be attracting situations or people into your life that start making the mlm dream possible. If you want more information on this please refer to my post about the subconscious and conscious mind.


So in conclusion what is mlm faith? It’s the ability to believe ,serve others with love and doing so without an agenda. When you can do this your faith in the industry will be strong and you will achieve the life others only dream about.

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